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Bộ các bài đọc hiểu tiếng anh lớp 9

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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Bích Hà
Ngày gửi: 06h:53' 25-10-2013
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Các bài đọc lớp 9.
1. Read the following passage and choose the best answers. 
New York – The “ Big Apple”
Our arrival in New York was spectacular. It’s skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty
make a (1)_________sight. New York has a (2) _________of over seven million and it is
probably the world’s most famous city. The inhabitants of the “Big Apple” come from many
(3) _________countries. There are more nationalities in New York(4) _________in any
other places on the earth. It is also has(5) _________tourists than any other city except
London, especially in the summer. (6) _________come from all(7) _________the world and
have a wonderful time. There are so many (8) _________for them to get enthusiastic about –
whether it’s some of the (9) _________museums in the world or the (10) _________little
streets of Greenwich Village.
1. A. sad B. beautiful C. horrible D. cold
2. A. attraction B. impression C. population D. people
3. A. same B. young C. old D. different
4. A. than B. rather C. of D. to
5. A. many B. much C. more D. lots
6. A. Visit B. Visitors C. Workers D. Goers
7. A. in B. from C. over D. of
8. A. attraction B. place C. sights D. area
9. A. good B. better C. best D. nicer
10. A. to charm B. charm C. charmed D. charming
2. Read the following passage and choose the best answers.
Dear Jean,
I’m sorry I (1) _________to you lately, but I have been working hard. When I (2) _________your last letter. I was acting in a play at school, and when I finished that I went on a holiday with some friends. I intended(3)_________you a postcard, but I forgot to take your address with me. How are you getting (4) _________at college? You didn’t (5) _________much about this in your letter. I hope you still like it and don’t work all the time! I’m starting work in London after I (6) _________school in July, and I want to see you then. Do you still want to come and stay (7) _________a few days? I know you are busy, but by the time your term (8) _________, I’ll have started my job. I’ve done so (9) _________things lately! I’ve just learned to drive and my parents sometimes lend me their car, so I often go out with friends. (10) _________I’ll drive to Birmingham and see you one day.
1. A. not write B. haven’t written C. don’t write D. didn’t write
2. A. received B. have received C. receive D. to receive
3. A. sending B. send C. to send D. sent
4. A. up B. over C. on D. with
5. A. talk B. tell C. say D. chat
6. A. leave B. left C. leaved D. leaving
7. A. for B. at C. in D. out
8. A. finished B. finishing C. to finish D. finishes
9. A. much B. many C. a lot D. lots of
10. A. May be B. May being C. Maybe D. May I be
3. Read the following passage and choose the best answers.
Tet is a national and .................... (1) festival in Vietnam . It is occasion for every Vietnamese to be reunited to think .................(2) their past activities and hope for good luck in the new year.
Before Tet all houses .................. (3) white washed and ...................... (4) with colorful lights . Everybody is looking ......................... ( 5 ) to a better life. In the new year’s eve, children are

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