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BT AV 11 - UNIT 8 - Test 01

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Nguồn: Scanned From Workbooks
Người gửi: Phạm Thái Bạch Mai
Ngày gửi: 21h:11' 04-10-2017
Dung lượng: 97.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 285
Số lượt thích: 0 người
I. Circle the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from those of the other three.
l. A. favourite B. amazing C. late D. happy
2. A. box B. hospital C. local D. shop
3. A. rivalry B. river C. mind D. shrine
4. A. much B. museum C. excuse D. uniform
5. A. lovely B. novel C. cover D. money
II. Circle the word whose stress is on the third syllable.
6. A. astronaut B. adventure C. elemental D. industrial
7. A. violinist B. automobile C. commissary D. commission
8. A. picturesque B. industrial C. paragraph D. Internet
9. A. envelope B. entertain C. museum D. medium
10. A. excellent B. favorite C. beautiful D. disappoint
Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.
11. Our house is right in the country. There are plenty of nice places to walk in the........area.
A. around B. near C. surrounding D. nearby
12. ......my advice - don`t get involved with her.
A. Take B. Have C. Do D. Hold
13. I`m having........difficulty understanding what he means.
A. great B. broad C. large D. full
14. It wasn`t I who stole the jewels. You`ve made a........mistake.
A. high B. great C. large D. big
15. Watch out! The ink from your pen is........
A. dripping B. leaking C. trickling D. slipping
16. I wasn`t impressed by the exhibition - most of the paintings were of a very........standard.
A. little B. low C. small D. narrow
17. I`ve given........all my old books. We just didn`t have enough space in the apartment.
A. out B. away C. in D. up
18. Ron........a business trip to Italy with a visit to his uncle in Venice.
A. joined B. united C. attached D. combined
19. "Don`t........at people - it`s rude."
A. show B. point C. indicate D. aim
20. I couldn`t decide between the two records, so I bought ....... of them.
A. each B. either C. both D. all
Choose the best word or phrase to complete each sentence.
21. Have you told........about the letter?
A. no one B. someone C. everyone D. anyone
22. I would never borrow money from.........
A. anybody B. anything C. somebody D. something
23. The boy said that he hadn`t done ........ wrong.
A. something B. nothing C. anything D. other things
24. He asked me if I had seen his wife.........
A. nowhere B. somewhere C. where D. anywhere
25.........couldn`t understand what she was saying
A. Nobody B. anybody C. Everybody D. someone
26.........had been changed since my last visit.
A. Anywhere B. Anything C. Nothing D. Somewhere
27. Tell me if you see........unusual.
A. nothing B. everything C. something D. anything
28. The police told........to remain in their car.
A. everyone B. anyone C. no one D. someone
29.........is ready for the party.
A. Everything B. Anything C. Anywhere D. Anyone
30. If you don`t know the answer, ask........else.
A. anyone B. someone C. no one D. everyone
Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question.
In China, everyone celebrates their birthday on New Year even if it is not the official date of their birthday. They turn another year older on this day.
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