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Nguồn: Scanned from Workbooks 12 By LHT
Người gửi: Cấn Chính Trường
Ngày gửi: 13h:11' 16-11-2017
Dung lượng: 765.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 635
Số lượt thích: 0 người

I. Multiple Choice.
1. There was a.........diversity of opinion about the Iraq war.
A. great B. wide C. rich D. All are correct
2. People often….....confidence when they are criticized.
A.lose B. fail C. drop D. omit
3. He.......confidence when he went to college.
A. got B. maintained C. gained D. obtained
4. We......a contract with the supplier.
A. enter into B. make C. sign D. All are correct
5. Russia has promised to........continuity of fuel supplies.
A. ensure B. provide C. maintain D. All are correct
6. Call me if you need any help - I`d oblige.
A. merry B. happy C. sure D. of course
7. The Parliament members flatly.......... the proposed budget of the following year.
A. deny B. reject C. oppose D. All are correct
8. Are you willing to make the.......sacriice to die for your country?
A. final B. supreme C. top D. A and B
9. He developed his own program.........partnership with an American expert.
A. on B. at C. of D. in
10. Her parents........sacrifices so that she could have a good education.
A. made B. did C. provided D. lent
11. All our suggestions were rejected.........
A. offhand B. off the hand C. out of hand D. out hand
12. Does television adequately reflect the ethnic and cultural.......of the country?
A. diversity B. differences C. alterations D. A and B
13. The city centre was packed with thousands of tourists of different races and
A. civilizations B. cultures C. customs D. B and C
14. I have.........confidence in her. She`ll be perfect for the job.
A. every B. complete C. whole D. A and B
15. The economy is regarded as the.........factor which will determine the outcome of the general election.
A. major B. decisive C. key D. All are correct
16. "Did you meet Ann here at the university?" ~ "No, we.........when started college."
A. have already met B. had already met C. had already been meeting D. already met
17. "I took the TOEFL. It was really hard." ~ ".......a lot before you took it?"
A. Have you studied B. Did you studied C. Had you studied D. Do you study
18. "Would you like to go to the pop concert?" ~ "Thanks, but already."
A. had seen B. have been seeing C. have seen D. did see
19. "What did you do last night?" "I watched TV, practiced the piano, homework." ^
A. made B. do C. done D. did
20. "Why is John so sad?" ~ "Because his bird.........away."
A. flown B. flew C. fly D. had flown
21. "Did you go to Hawaii for vacation?" ~ "I.......` to go, but 1 got sick at the last minute."
A. was planned B. had planning C. had been planning D. have planned
22. the same barber since last year.
A. am going B. have been going C. go D. had going
23. Did you say that only three days ago?
A. came B. have come C. had came D. come
24. I haven`t heard from Maria..........
A. since many months before B. for many months
C. for many months ago D. since a long time
25. This book is so long that I.........
A. haven`t finished it yet B. haven`t finished it already
C. still have finished it D. still haven`t finished it already
26. "Are Alice and Tom still living in
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