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Ngày gửi: 08h:13' 25-04-2018
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DÀNH CHO HỌC SINH LỚP 5 HỌC 2017-2018READING ( 20 minutes )
PART 1: Look and write the correct words. There is one example. 

Bridge bus stop architect gold starfruit roof
0. This fruit has a star shape. starfruit
1. A yellow precious metal used to make coins or jewelry. ......................
2. We wait for the bus at this place. ..................... ..
3. We build it to cross the river ......................
4. He designs houses and buildings. .......................
5.The top of the building or the house . ......................
PART 2: Read and fill each gap with one word from the box. Write the word next to the number. There is one word that you do not need. There is one example (0). 



 This is Tho from Ha Long( 0) City. Life here is exciting. There are lots of tall (1)_______. The (2)_________is busy on the long and wide roads. The people here are very friendly. The famous bay has beautiful beaches and (3)____________. The (4)_________ is fresh and healthy. The best time for visitors to Ha Long Bay is from March to June. Don’t go in July or August because there’s lots of (5)_____________
PART 3: Read and tick  True or False. There is one example .
I’m Lisa. I like reading comic books in my free time. My favourite comic book is “ The Queen of Egypt” I’ve read three times and enjoyed it so much. My sister gave me this book on my birthday. The language is simple and easy to understand. The main characters are a girl and a boy. Girl’s name is Carol. She is kind and clever. The name of the boy is Menisu. He is brave and generous. I love Carol very much because she is beautiful and clever.


0. Lisa’s favourite book is “ The Queen of Egypt”.

1.She has read it twice and enjoyed it.

2. She likes reading science books in her free time.

3. She loves the girl because is beautiful and clever.

4. Her brother gave her a comic book on her birthday.

5. Menisu is brave and handsome..

 PART 4: Read and choose the best answer A, B,C or D. There is one example
Hi! I’m Nam. I want to be a doctor when I grow up because it is a meaningful job. If I become a doctor I will cure sick people in hospital. I think doctors need to be kind and caring. They have to take care of patients so they must be healthy. Doctors should be friendly to sick people. I will study hard and learn to be patient so that I can be a good doctor. I hope my dream will come true one day.
0.What does Nam want to be when he grows up?
A. He wants to be a doctor. B.Yes, He does.
C.He wants to be a nurse. D.He wants to be a teacher.
1.Why does he want to be a doctor ?
A. Because it is a meaningful job. C. Because it is a good job.
B. Because it is a dream job. D. Because he wants to work in the hospital.
2.What will he do if he becomes a doctor?
A. He will take care of people. B. He will cure sick people.
C. He will cure strong people. D. He will study hard and learn to be patients.
3.How does a doctor need to be?
A. A doctor needs to be kind and gentle C. A doctor needs to be strong and good.
B. A doctor needs to be good and caring. D. A dotor needs to be easy going.
4. Which of these is not true about the text ?
A. Doctors need to be kind and caring. C. Doctors must be healthy.
B. Doctors should be friendly to sick people. D. Doctors must be clever and brave.
5.What does he hope in the future?
A.He hopes his dream will come true one day. B.He hopes he will cure many patients
C.He hopes he will get a job with high salary in the future.
D. He hopes he will be patient.
WRITING ( 20 minutes )
Part 1: Quetion 1 - 5: . There is one example
To get

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