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Người gửi: phạm kim thoa
Ngày gửi: 11h:14' 26-04-2018
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I live in a house near the sea. It is...(1)... old house, about 100 years old and...(2)... very small. There are two bed rooms upstairs...(3)... no bathroom. The bathroom is down stairs... (4)... the kitchen and there is a living room where there is a lovely old fire place. There is a garden...(5)... the house. The garden...(6)... down to the beach and in spring and summer...(7)... flowers every where. I like alone...(8)... my dog, Rack, but we have a lot of visitors. My city friends often stay with...(9)...
I love my house for... (10)... reasons: the garden, the flowers in summer, the fee in winter, but the best thing is the view from my bedroom window.

A. a
B. an
C. the
D. any

A. It`s
B. It
C. there`s
D. They`re

A. and 
B. or
C. but
D. too

A. between
B. next
C. near to
D. next to

A. in front
B. front of
C. of front in
D. in front of 

A. go
B. going
C. goes
D. in goes

A. these are
B. they are
C. there are 
D. those are

A. for
B. of
C. on
D. with

A. me
B. I
C. my
D. I`m

A. a
B. any
C. many
D. a lot

Peter wakes up at seven o`clock, but he doesn`t (1) ______ up until a quarter past seven. He (2) ______ a shower and gets dressed. (3) ______ breakfast, he cleans (4) ______ teeth. He leaves his house at eight o`clock and catches the train (5) ______ Manchester. On the train, he (6) ______ the newspaper and (7) ______ the crossword. He comes (8) ______ at about half (9) ______ six in the evening. After dinner, he washes up. Then he usually (10) ______ TV. He goes to bed at about 11.30.

I (1) __________ usually eat breakfast. I only have (2) __________ of coffee. I don`t eat (3) __________ until about eleven o`clock. Then I have a biscuit and a glass of (4) ___________. For lunch I usually have a salad. That`s (5) __________ about two o`clock. I have (6) __________ at haft past six in the afternoon. I`m a vegetarian, so I don`t eat (7) ___________ or fish. I eat cheese and eggs and thing like that. I have a glass of water or fruit (8) ___________ with my meal.
1/ A- don`t                     B- not                      C- am not                         D- No
2/ A- a packet              B- a cup                   C- can                             D- a bar
3/ A- any                     B- some                     C- any thing                  D- something
4/ A- peas                   B- rice                       C- chocolates                  D- milk
5/ A- at                        B- on                           C- in                               D- of
6/ A- Breakfast           B- lunch                     C- dinner                          D- supper
7/ A- meat                  B- rice                       C- vegetables                   D- noodles
8/ A- water                 B- soda                      C- juice                           D- lemonade


Her name is Lan. She lives in a house in the city. Near her house, there is a supermarket, a bank, a post office and a clinic. She is a student. She studies at Le Quy Don School. Her house is far from her school so she often goes to school by bike. She goes to school in the afternoon. There is a park in front of the school. There are a lot of trees and flowers in the park. Behind the school, there is a river.
1. Lan lives in a house ________________________.
2. Near her house, there is _____________________.
3. She studies at _____________________________.
4. She often goes to school by __________________.
5. Behind the school, there is ___________________.

Đọcđoạnvănvàxácđịnhcâuđúng (T), sai (F) :
Vinh likes outdoor sports. He can play soccer, tennis and badminton. He enjoys swimming and jogging in the morning. He likes summer because he can go swimming every day. He doesn`t like winter because it is very cold. He likes spring when three are a lot of flowers in the garden, but he thinks fall is the best season because the weather is fine and people can play
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