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Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that differs from the other three in the position of the primary stress.
Question 1: A. permanent B. continue C. complete D. relationship
Question 2: A. endanger B. geometry C. opposite D. geography
Question 3: A. habitat B. debate C. behaviour D. insider
Question 4: A. luxurious B. conservative C. necessary D. dependant
Question 5: A. uncertain B. arrogant C. familiar D. impatient
Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer.
Question 6: The smell of the sea ____________ his childhood.
A. took him in (to allow sb to stay in your home) B. took after
C. took him back to (to make sb remember sth) D. took it for granted
Question 7: We spent nearly 3 hours waiting outside the station, then out ______________.
A. the star came B. did the star come C. came the star D. be the star coming
Question 8: Larry drove all night to get here for his sister`s wedding. He ___ exhausted by the time he arrived.
A. must have been B. could be C. ought to be D. will have been
Question 9: We are ___ no obligation to change goods which were not purchased here.
A. to B. with C. at D. under: không chịu trách nhiệm
Question 10: Not only _____ the exam but she also got a scholarship.
A. did she pass B. she passed C. she has passed D. has she passed
Question 11: " ____ stupid, you will never get good marks by cheating."
A. Be not B. Not be C. Don`t be D. Won`t be Question 12: Nothing ___ the ordinary ever happens here.
A. about B. out of C. from D. within (unusual or different) Question 13: I supposed, as ___ we all, that the meeting would be cancelled.
A. did B. equally C. would D. just
Question 14: "You ___ put the car in the garage. I`m going out in it later".
A. mustn`t B. haven`t C. needn`t D. can`t
Question 15: He had spent ____ time writing an essay on his childhood.
A. a few B. a large number of C. a great deal of D. many
Question 16: Despite all the interruptions, he ____ with his work.
A. pressed on B. held on C. stuck at D. hung out
* press on (with sth) : to continue doing sth in a determined way; to hurry forward
Question 17: He`ll probably want to know if you ____. A. will have been drinking B. didn`t drink C. had drunk D. have been drinking
Question 18: My father is getting old and forgetful. _______, he is experienced and helpful.
A. Be that as it may (despite that ) B. Regardless C. Inasmuch as it is D. Consequently
Question 19: Many a _________ it difficult to avoid the interference of mass media in their life.
A. pop star find B. pop star finds C. pop stars find D. pop stars finds
Question 20: All candidates will be treated equally, ____ of their age or back ground.
A. irrelevant B. Discounting C. notwithstanding D. irrespective
* irrespective of = regardless of: without considering sth or being influenced by it
Question 21: He tried to limit himself to ____ 10 cigarettes a day. A. be smoking B. have smoked C. smoke D. smoking
* limit yourself/sb (to sth) to restrict or reduce the amount of sth that you or sb can have or use
Question 22: The tin opener seemed ______________ for left-hand people.
A. to be designed B. being designed C. to design D. designing
Question 23: Rarely have I visited _______ Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.
A. as a beautiful city as B. as beautiful a city as
C. as beautiful as the city D. as a city as beautiful as
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