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Người gửi: Phạm Văn Mạnh
Ngày gửi: 22h:39' 21-04-2019
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Đề Chuyên Anh của TP Hồ Chí Minh năm học 2017 – 2018 (3/6/2017)
USE OF ENGLISH ( 3.0pts)
It’s a pity she had to pull out of the competition, especially since she______ such excellent progress.
Made B. was making C. has been making D. had been making
When Mike lived in Paris, he_____ strolling along the bank of the river Seine.
Was enjoying B. had enjoyed C. would enjoy D. used to enjoy
I don’t think John is friendly, ______?
Do I B. isn’t he C. is he D. aren’t I
Jack doesn’t know _______the message was intended
With whom B. for whom C. to whom D. whom
We’ve had a burglar alarm installed in our holiday cottage______feel happier about leaving it unoccuple for long periods.
Lest we should B. in order for us to C. so that we will D. for fear that we will
She prefers an evening at the cinema______ to clubs.
To go out B. rather than go C. than going out D. to going out
His proposal _____to see the art exhibition interested every one of us.
That we go B. that we would go C. which we shall go D. what we should go
National parks are very important for preserving many animals,which ____ the risk of becoming extinct
Otherwise run B. will otherwise run C. would otherwise run D. can otherwise run
Scarcely had the islanders recovered from the volcanic eruption _____ the earthquake followed.
That B. when C. then D. than
______when he heard the bell for class.
Away the boy harried B. Away did the boy harry C. Away hurried the boy D. Hurried away the boy
There are many______ in our school library.
Old Vietnamese interesting history books B. interesting old Vietnamese history books
C.interesting Vietnamese old history books D. Vietnamese interesting old history books
12. _____ around us gives us vital information about our environment.
A. The sounds are heard B. That the hearing of sounds
C. Hearing the sounds D. Whatever the sounds are heard
13. _____ as a postman in the city for a long time, John knows all the streets well.
A. Working B. to work C. Having worked D. Having been worked
14. ____ ,we’ll go over the test paper once more.
A. Time permitting B. time permitted C. Time permits D. Time to permit
15. Excessive logging of forests in the past century has resulted in _______
A. which is known as deforestation B. Knowing as deforestation
C. What becomes known as deforestation D. that is known as deforestation
16. I’ll be _____ from you.
A. only glad to hear B. only too glad to hear C. too glad only to hear D. too only glad to hear
17. Her perfect manners and exceptional erudition is an effect of her strict ______.
A. upstanding B. upkeep C. upbringing D. uphold
18. She dropped her eyes to the tablecloth, suddenly confused and_____ ashamed of herself
A. painstakingly B. ridiculously C. deeply D. highly
19. Farmers say supermarkets put them under pressure to sell at rock bottom prices – and regularly break_______
A. contracts B. connections C. promises D. agreements
20. Men are more likely to ____ a red light, forget to signal, or drink and drive.
A. go B. drive C. dash D. run
21. ‘’ Take your mind off it by _____ yourself in a good book !’’ said the teacher to his student.
A. interesting B. engrossing C. absorbing D. exciting
22. Domestic producers complain about no-one buying their wine and cheap imports_____ the markets
A. pouring B. flowing C. trickling D. flooding
23. A_____ of glory, a fury of passion that left them weak and trembling in the arms of each other.
A. burn B. fire C. flame D. blaze
24. There he was
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