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Huyện ……… Môn Thi : Tiếng Anh 7 ( hệ 10 năm)
(Thời gian : 90 phút làm bài )
A.Ngữ âm
I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. a. centre b. kid c. encourage d. colour
2. a. chemistry b. school c. mechanic d. charity
3. a. tutor b. volunteer c. student d. community
4. a. graffiti b. garage c. general d. globe
5. a. provide b. donate c. program d. clothes
II. Choose the best answer a, b, c, or d to complete the sentence.
1. We are very excited ________ our 2018 Volunteer Program.
a. about b. for c. in d. with
2. Toys of Hope provide toys, books and clothing ________ needy and homeless children.
a. from b. to c. with d. against
3. Many people donate to the Red Cross, a ________ organization that aids people free of charge.
a. profit-making b. for-profit c. non-profit d. profitable
4. The river is heavily polluted. They should ________.
a. clean it up b. give it away c. pick out d. recycle it
5. ________ people usually live on the streets, under bridges, or in camps.
a. Sick b. Homeless c. Elderly d. Disabled
6. I’ve ________ seen this film. Let’s watch something else.
a. never b. ever c. already d. yet
7. We help families in ________ by providing food, clothing, housing and much more.
a. control b. case c. need d. shape
8. Most people volunteer ________ they want to make a difference in their community.
a. because b. so c. so that d. in order to
9. We can help to reduce ________ by using public transportation, biking and walking.
a. air pollution b. water pollution c. social problems d. community service
10. ________ do you like this charity work? – I really like it.
a. What b. Why c. When d. How
IV. Write the correct form or tense of the verbs in brackets.
1. Jasmine ______________ (fail) her driver’s test three times!
2. They ______________ (establish) the Viet Nam Red Cross Society in 19‘16.
3. How long ____________ (they/ live) here?~They____________ (move) here two years ago.
4. So far, we ______________ (finish) half of our work.
5. I’m really busy now. I ______________ (study) for the final exam.
6. When ______________(you/ buy) these shirts? ~ I ______________ (buy) them yesterday.
7. __________________ (you/ ever/ be) to Japan? ~ No, I ______________ (not be) to Japan yet.
8. Claire ______________ (volunteer) at the homeless shelter once a week.
9. We volunteer ______________ (help) the elderly in a nursing home.
10. Jane suggested ______________ (donate) old books, and toys to needy children.
V. Each sentence has One mistake. Find and correct it: (10 points)
1. Huong spent half an hour to tidy the bathroom.
2. Peter isn’t used to eat with chopsticks when he lives in Viet Nam.
3. I don’t know where my pen is. I’ve looked at it everywhere.
4. We last saw a cowboy movie since we were in the city.
5. The man sang English songs beautifully is my elder brother.
6. Five dollars are too much for this cake.
7. The story wasn’t short enough for me to read it in one day.
8. She finds it interestingly to do the housework.
9. I would rather you not go to school by motorbike.
10. These people are working very hardly on the farm.
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đề lớp 7


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