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Nguồn: Sưu tầm
Người gửi: Lê Xuân Diên
Ngày gửi: 12h:04' 03-12-2021
Dung lượng: 45.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 495
Số lượt thích: 1 người (VÕ THỊ THANH XUÂN)
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. kids B. roofs C. banks D. hats
2. A. heading B. clearing C. realize D. Korea
3. A. go B. game C. give D. large
4. A. time B. shine C. mine D. thing
5. A. looked B. moved C. gained Dprepared
Choose the best answer from the four options given (A, B, C, or D) to complete each sentence.
6. The _________growth rate of Vietnam reached about 8.0% in 2007.
A. economics B. economic C. economy D. economically
7. She is going to finish her work, _________?
A. is she B. isn’t she C. will she D. doesn’t she
8. I would like _________Holland.
A. visit B. to visit C. visiting D. visited
9. Don’t forget _________the door when you go out.
A. locking B. for locking C. to lock D. lock
10. We couldn’t go out _________the storm.
A. because B. owing C. as of D. because of
11. The couple _________divorce was in the newspaper has got married again.
A. who B. whose C. which D. people
12. John F.Kennedy wouldn’t have died in 1963 if he _________to Dallas.
A. didn’t go B. wouldn’t go C. hadn’t gone D. not go
13. One of the students in my class _________off sick today.
A. were B. was C. have been D. are
14. Alan and Ruth took these photographs_________.
A. themselves B. herself C. himself D. ourselves
15. The teacher said that we had to learn all these expressions_________heart.
A. on B. with C. by D. in
16. He was homesick, and he_________all his family and friends.
A. lacked B. missed C. desired D. hoped
17. _________it was raining heavily, we went out without a raincoat.
A. In spite of B. Although C. However D. In spite
18. She never wears red because it doesn’t _________to her.
A. suit B. match C. fit D. like
19. He is not very good _________mathematics.
A. on B. in C. for D. at
20. The articles _________the magazine has published are very scholarly.
A. of B. on C. which D. and
Choose the underlined part (marked A, B, C or D) that needs correction.
21. Are you interested between learning English?
22. My brother enjoys to go to the park on Summer evenings. A B C D
23. If it rain, I will stay at home and watch TV.
24. Florida, that is known to be the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year.
25. When the university suggested to raise the tuition again, the student senate protested vigorously.
Read the following passage, then choose the correct answer to questions 26- 30.
Planet earth is part of a system of planets and their moons, as well as numerous asteroids and comets which (26)_________around a huge star we call the Sun. The Sun itself (27)_________of gas. Nuclear reactions inside its core (28)_______the heat and light that make life on the Earth (29)________. The Earth is the third of four small terrestrial (Earth like) planets that orbit close to the (30)_________. Further out in our Solar System are four huge gas planets, while distant Pluto
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