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Test 27 English 9
I.Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
01.A.germ B. regular C. category D. pagoda
02.A. buses B. speeches C. noses D. leaves
03.A. income B.campus C.century D.comic
04.A. now B. know C. flow D. row
05.A. deny B. poetry C. hobby D. primary
II - Choose the best answer from the four options given to complete eachsentence.
1. They have lived England __________ 2003.
A. since B. in D. for
2. Quan cannot go with us because he has to _______ his little brother.
A. look after B. look for C. look up D. look into
3. Nam is _____most intelligent student in my class.
A. Ø B. an C. the D. a
4. The police officer asked us what_____.
A. we are doing B. were we doing C. we were doing D. are we doing
5. She spoke quietly to him____________ nobody else could hear a word.
A. because B. if C. although D. so that
6. The book _________is on the table belongs to my brother.
A. which B. where C. whose D. who
7. Take the number 7 bus and get_____________at Forest Road.
A. up B. down C. outside D. off
8. Could you tell me some _____ about your English school?
A. informative B. informatively C. inform D. information
9. If we______ hard, we will make this beach a clean and______ place again.
A. works/ beautiful B. work/ beautiful C. works/ beautifully D. work/ beautifully
10. XuanTruong :I have won the first prize in the English speaking contest.
DuyManh :______________, Xuan Truong.
A. Congratulations C. Let me help you
B. Sorry I can’t D. That’s very kind to you.
11. Please accept my warmest______ on your engagement.
A. congratulated B. congratulations C. congratulating D. congratulate
12.Hoa: “We are going on a trip to Ha Long Bay next week!”
Nam: “Really? ______!”
A. Have a good time B. It`s your pleasure C. Take your time D. Good job
13. A few days ago, Tom`s car______ by one of the teenagers in his neighborhood.
A. was stealing B. was stolen C. has been stolen D. was stole
14. Are you interested______ pop music?
A. on B. in C. of D. with
15. The music at the party yesterday was very loud and______ from far away.
A. could hear B. can be heard C. could be heard D. can hear
16. If only I______ how to operate a computer as you do!
A. would know B. knew C. known D. should know
17. His parents wouldn`t let him marry anyone______ family was poor.
A. of whom B. of whose C. whom D. whose
18. Jeff wanted to know______.
A. why were his friends laughing B. that why were his friends laughing
C. why his friends were laughing D. the reason why his friends laughing
19.Peter: “How many______ can you speak?”
John: “Only Arabic and English.”
A. conversations B. speeches C. communications D. languages
20. You`re going to study abroad, ______?
A. aren`t you B. do you C. are you D. don`t you
21. He came to the party ______ he hadn`t been invited.
A. even B. despite C. although D. in spite of
22. Mr. Hawk told me that he would give me his answer the______ day.
A. following B. after C. before D. last
23. The Internet also has______. It is not only time-consuming and costly but also dangerous.
A. advantages B. limitations C. purposes D. benefits
III. Complete the
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