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Nhắn tin cho tác giả
(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
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Ngày gửi: 09h:58' 10-08-2022
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I. Meänh ñeà quan heä coøn ñöôïc goïi laø meänh ñeà tính töø. MÑQH chæ laø meänh ñeà phuï, duøng ñeå boå nghóa cho danh töø ñöùng tröôùc noù. MÑQH ñöôïc noái baèng caùc ñaïi töø quan heä: WHO, WHOM, WHICH, THAT, WHOSE, vaø traïng töø quan heä: WHERE, WHY, WHEN.
Löu yù: MÑQH phaûi ñaët sau danh töø maø noù boå nghóa.

1. WHO: thay theá cho ngöôøi, laøm chuû töø trong MÑQH.
Ex: - The girl won the lottery. She was on TV.  The girl who won the lottery was on TV.

2. WHOM: thay theá cho ngöôøi, laøm tuùc töø trong MÑQH. ( whom có thể được bỏ đi)
Ex:- I know the girl. I spoke to this girl.  I know the girl (whom) I spoke to.

3. WHICH: thay theá cho vaät, ñoà vaät; laøm chuû töø hoặc tuùc töø trong MÑQH.
Ex: - She works for a company. It makes cars.  She works for a company which makes cars.

- The elephants are big. People keep the elephants in iron cages.
 The elephants (which) people keep in iron cages are big.

Notes: WHICH: còn được dùng như TỪ NỐI để thay thế cho cả mệnh đề phía trước
Ex: He suddenly shouted at me, which made me very upset.
4. THAT: duøng ñeå thay theá cho WHO, WHOM, WHICH.
** Các trường hợp sau bắt buộc phải dùng THAT:
+ Sau các tiền tố hỗn hợp ( gồm cả người lẫn vật )
+ Sau dạng so sánh nhất
+ Sau các đại từ bất định : someone, something, somebody, anyone, anything, anybody, everyone, everything, everybody, noone, nothing, nobody
+ Sau các từ chỉ số lượng : some, any, no,only, little, few, much, none……
**Các danh từ xác đinh bắt buộc phải có dấu “ ,”
- Có thính từ sở hưu đứng trước ( my, your, her, his….)
- Có sỡ hưu cách đứng trước ( Nam's )
- Có các đại từ chỉ định đứng trước ( this, that, these, those )
- là tên riêng hoặc danh từ chỉ vật duy nhất ( sun, moon, earth, mercury, Mars,…)
5. WHOSE (OF WHICH): thay theá cho sôû höõu cuûa ngöôøi, vaät (his-, her-, its-, their-).
Theo sau WHOSE phaûi laø N. (Neáu phía sau laø N thì phía tröôùc ta duøng WHOSE)
Ex: This is the student. I borrowed his book. This is the student whose book I borrowed.

Note : Ta duøng meänh ñeà quan heä khoâng haïn ñònh ñöôïc taùch khoûi meänh ñeà chính baèng daáu phaåy “,”.
- Tröôùc danh töø xác định coù: this/that/these/those/my/her/his/…
- Töø quan heä laø teân rieâng hoaëc danh töø rieâng.
Ex: - My father is a doctor. He is fifty years old.  My father, who is fifty years old, is a doctor.
Notes: WHOM / WHICH không được phép bỏ đi trong mệnh đề không giới hạn.

II. GIÔÙI TÖØ + WHOM / WHICH (thay theá cho tuùc töø):
+ Từ chỉ số lượng + ĐTQH
All / most / some / none / - He asked me a lot of questions. I couldn't answer most of them.
Both / Many / Several / A few of whom  He asked me a lot of questions, most of which I couldn't answer.
neither , One / two / three of which - Daisy has three brothers, all of whom are teachers.
+ Giới từ + ĐTQH (whom/which)
Ex: The man speaks English very fast. I talked to him last night.
The man whom I talked to last night speaks English very fast
= The man to whom I talked last night speaks English very fast.
- The house is for sale. I was born in it.
 The house in which I was born is for sale = The house which I was born in is for sale
1. The street _________________ leads to my school is very wide.
2. That man ____________ name I didn't remember is an architect.
3.The horse, ___________ had been injured by the flying stones, was very frightened.
4. Do you know the girl ____________ Tom is talking to ?
5. The novel ________________ you need can't be found in the library.
6.The old man, ___________ had been talking to them earlier, knew that they were in the building.
7. I didn't find the money ___________ you said you'd left.
8. Is there anyone ______________ can help me do this ?
9. Merie Curie, _________________ dicovered radium, is one of the greatest in our time.
10. The hotel ____________ we are looking at is the biggest in Ho Chi Minh city.
11.Have you got the money ___________ I lent you yesterday ?
12.Peter, ___________ I had seen earlier, wasn't at the party.
13.This is the machine ___________ cost half a million pounds.
14.Mary, ___________ had been listening to the conversation, looked angry.
15. Have you read the book ___________ I gave you ?
16The house, ___________ they bought three months ago, looks lovely.
17.Mrs.Jackson, ___________ had been very ill, died yesterday.
18. I didn't receive the letters ___________ she sent me.
19.My mother, ___________ hadn't been expecting visitors, looked surprised.
Exercise 2. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
1. “Who's that over there?" ~ "Oh, it's our new teacher,........just started work today."
A. that B. who he C. which he D. who
2. “Who did you send a Valentine's card to?" ~ "I'm not telling you, but it was begins with 'B'.”
A. which B. who her C. whose D. whose her
3. "Have you seen Jason Green's latest film?" ~ "Is that the one in....joins the FBI?”
A. which he B. that he C. whom he D. which
4. "Why do you like Tania so much?” ~ “Well, she's one of the few people to....I can really talk."
A. which B. whom C. that D. who
5. "Why don't we go to Lionel's for dinner tonight?” ~ “Is that the new restaurant....has just opened on the other side of town?"
A. which B. where C. that it D. which it
6. "Could you lend me some money?" ~ "I'd like you to give me one good reason....I should."
A. that B. which C. why D. who
7. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are the modern devices....have changed the way we think.
A. what B. Ø C. whose D. that
8. Students use smartphones to record their phone calls,....they later share with the class.
A. Ø B. that C. which D. whose
9. You can access the Internet, download programs and information....can help you understand the material and widen your knowledge.
A. what B. that C. Ø D. who
10. My teacher,....has been teaching for 25 years, finds it hard to make use of electronic devices in her teaching.
A. she B. who she C. who D. whose
11. That media player,....I often use to practise my English, has some great apps.
A. Ø B. that C. what D. which
12. The interactive whiteboard involves students directly in work in front of the board,....most of them love.
A. that B. Ø C. which D. whose
13. In the USA, a public school is a state school, run by the government and is free to attend.
A. that B. which C. who D. Ø
14. This is the book in....Foster describes his experience of the war.
A. that B. what C. where D. which
15. Isn't that Tim, the boy....father owns a huge yacht?
A. whose B. his C. which D. that
16. Student social life revolves around the Student Union, the large yellow building opposite the library.
A.Ø B. which C. that D. it
17. Students....get below-average exam results do not have the best prospects.
A. whose B. who C. Ø D. All are correct
18. The street…leads to my school is very narrow.
a. who b . which c. whom d. whose.
19. Do you know the driver………………took them to town last night?
a. which b. whom c. where d. who
20. He sees men, women, cat, dogs and cars…………….move mound and round.
a. that b. whose c. which d. who.
21. That's my friend ...... comes from Japan. A. which B. who C. whom D. whose.
22. She often plays the music............................ was composed by Chopin.
A. who B. that C. which D. B&C are correct
23. Marie, ....... I met at the party, called me last night.
A. that B. whom C. which D. whose
24. Neil Armstrong, ............................ was the first man walking on the moon, is an American.
A. who B. which C. whom D. that
25. The children ..................... are playing in the yard are Mr Brown's nephews.
A. whom B. that C. which D. where
26. They called their friends, ............................ have lived in the city for a long time
A. who B. which C. whose D. where
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