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The Southwestern States of the United States suffered one of the worst droughts in their history from 1931 to 1938. The drought (41) ______ the entire country. Few food crops could be grown. Food became (42)______, and prices went up (43) ______ the nation. Hundreds of families in the Dust Bowl region had to be moved to farms in other areas with the help of the federal government. In 1944, drought brought great damage to (44)______ all Latin America. The drought moved to Australia and then to Europe, (45)______ it continued throughout the summer of 1945. From 1950 to 1954 in the
United States, the South and Southwest suffered a (46)______ drought. Hundreds of cattle ranchers had to ship their cattle to other regions because (47)______ lands had no grass. The federal government again (48)______ an emergency drought-relief program. It offered farmers (49)______ credit and seed grains (50)______ low prices.
1. A. pushed B. incurred C. occurred D. affected
2. A. scarce B. mystified C. hidden D. uncommon
3. A. over B. throughout C. all D. across
4. A. near B. totally C. almost D. factually
5. A. which B. that C. where D. when
6. A. heavy B. sharp C. strict D. severe
7. A. pasture B. culture C. moisture D. manure
8. A. carried B. conducted C. convened D. conformed
9. A. emergency B. crisis C. tension D. disaster
10. A. to B. in C. over D. at
Drugs are one of the (56) ________ profession’s most valuable tools. Doctors prescribe drugs to (57) ________ or prevent many diseases. Every year, penicillin and other (58) ________ drugs save the lives of countless victims of pneumonia and other dangerous infectious diseases. Vaccines prevent attacks by such diseases as (59) ________, polio, and smallpox. The use of these and many other drugs (60) ________ helped millions of people live longer, healthier lives than would (61) ________ have been possible.
Almost all our most important drugs, however, were unknown before the 1900’s. For example, the sulfa drugs and antibiotics did not come into use (62) ________ the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. Before that time, about 25 percent of all pneumonia victims in the United States died of the disease. The new drugs quickly reduced the (63) ________ rate from pneumonia to less than 5 percent. Polio vaccine was introduced in 1955. At that time, polio struck about 30,000 to 50,000 Americans each year. (64)________ 1960, the use of the vaccine has reduced the number of new polio cases to about 3,000 a year. In 1900, most Americans did not live (65) ________ the age of 47. Today, Americans live an average of more than 70 years, in great part because of the use of modern drugs.
56. A. medical B. medicine C. health D. medic
57. A. solve B. settle C. ruin D. treat
58. A. germ-killing B. helping C. saving D. rescuing
59. A. AIDS B. measles C. influenza D. hiccups
60. A. would have B. have C. has D. did
61. A. only B. even C. also D. otherwise
62. A. until B. to C. onto D. upon
63. A. end B. ruin C. death D. termination
64. A. About B. By C. To D. Prior
65. A. past B. passing C. well D. through

Ever since humans have inhabited the earth, they have made (41) _______ of various forms of communication. Generally, this expression of thoughts and feelings has been in the form of oral (42)______. When there is a language (43)______, communication is accomplished through sign language in which motions (44) ______ for letters, words, and ideas. Tourists, the deaf, and the mute have had to (45) ______ to this form of expression. Many of these symbols of whole words are very picturesque and exact and can be used internationally; spelling, however, cannot.
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