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Ngày gửi: 12h:35' 07-10-2018
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Exercise 1: Supply ONE suitable preposition to each of the numbered blanks.
Dennis has given (1)______ his job so he can stay at home and look (2)______ the children.
Overeating and lack (3)______ exercise can lead (4)______ serious health problems in later time.
Now, don’t let us (5)______. We are counting (6)______ you to cook something really special for the party this Saturday.
Not paying a visit (7)______ her family last week turned (8)______ to be the biggest mistake I have ever made.
Jane has always stood (9)______ her brother even when he was accused (10)______ murder and everyone refused to speak to him.

Exercise 2: Provide the correct article a/an/the/x (zero article) in the following gaps.
(1)______ first few days after getting home from (2)______ college were okay but then I began to feel rather bored and lonely. My parents were busy working and (3)______ most of my friends were either away on holiday or else had (4)______ holiday jobs. I tried to get a job myself but without success. I was beginning to wish I had not come home when I saw (5)______ advertisement for holiday courses in (6)______ local newspaper. For (7)______ small fee you could try lots of different activities organized by (8)______ town’s youth club. Each activity lasted half (9)______ day and they were all exciting. I also met new people as many of (10)______ tourists staying in the town joined in.

Exercise 3: Supply ONE suitable partial; preposition or an article to each of the numbered blanks.
Make a great impression. The interview is your chance to show that you are (1)______ best person for the job. Your application or resume has already exhibited that you are qualified. Now it is (2)______ to you to show how your skills (3)______ experience match this position and this company. The employer will be looking and listening to determine if you are a good fit. He/she will be looking (4)______ a number of different qualities, (5)______ addition to the skills that you possess. To make the best impression, dress appropriately; express your strengths; arrive early, by about 10-15 minutes; be enthusiastic; shake hands firmly; be an active listener; sit (6)______ straight and maintain eye contact; and ask questions
After the interview, follow up (7)______ a thank-you note. This is a chance for you to restate your interest and how you can benefit the company. Your best bet is to try to time it (8)______ that the note gets there before the hiring: decision is made. You should also follow (9)______ with a phone call if you do not hear back from the employer (10)______ the specified time.

Exercise 4: Supply ONE suitable partial; preposition or an article to each of the numbered blanks.
In developing countries, people are sometimes unaware (1)______ the importance of education, and there is economic pressure (2)______ those parents who prioritize their children`s, making money in the short term over any long-term benefits of education. Recent studies (3)______ child labor and, poverty have suggested that when poor families reach (4)______ certain economic threshold where families are able to provide (5)______ their basic needs, parents return their children to school. This has been found to be true, once the threshold has been breached, even (6)______ the potential economic value of the children`s work has increased (7)______ their return to school.
Other problems are that teachers are often paid less than other professions; (8)______ lack of good universities and (9)______ low acceptance rate for good universities are evident in countries (10)______ a relatively high population density.

Exercise 5: Supply ONE suitable partial; preposition or an article to each of the numbered blanks.
Last year I went (1)______ Nepal for three months to work in (2)______ hospital. I think it`s important to see as much of a country (3)______ you can, but it is difficult to travel around Nepal. The hospital let me have (4)______ few days’ holiday, so I decided to go into the jungle and I asked a Nepalese guide, Kamal Rai, to go (5)______ me.
We started preparing (6)______ the trip at six in the morning, and left camp with two elephants carrying our equipment. It was hot but Kamal made me wear shoes and trousers to protect me from snakes. In (7)______ jungle there was a lot (8)______ wildlife, but we were trying to find big cats, especially tigers. We climbed (9)______ the elephants` backs to get better view, but it is unusual to find tigers in the afternoon because they sleep in (10)______ heat of the day.

Exercise 6: Supply ONE suitable partial; preposition or an article to each of the numbered
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