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Người gửi: Lê Dương
Ngày gửi: 15h:50' 10-03-2012
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Số lượt tải: 1977
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I. Fill in each blank with the correct combination of the following words and “enough”:
1. You haven’t bought ____________________________ (blueberries).
2. This soil is not ____________________________ (rich) to plant vegetables.
3. We don’t have ____________________________ (blood donors).
4. This garage is not ____________________________ (large).
5. I’m not ____________________________ (well) to go on working.

II. Fill in each blank with the correct combination of the following words and “too, too much, too many”:
1. ____________________________ (cooks) spoil the broth.
2. You’re ___________________________(cruel) to people. You should be kinder, more polite and not so sarcastic.
3. There is ____________________________ (violence) on the streets nowadays.
4. He’s ____________________________ (stingy) to give you that!
5. I don’t want to pay him a visit today; he lives ____________________________ (far) away from here!

III. Complete the following sentences using the structure “too adj + for sb/sth + to do sth” or “adj enough + for sb/sth + to do sth”:
   This dress is pretty enough for her to wear at the wedding.
   It’s too wonderful to be true.
1. This zip is (big) ___________________________those trousers. You need a smaller one.
2. She’s only 15. Don’t you think she’s (young) ___________________________marry?
3. This car’s (good-him) _______________________drive in the race. In fact, it’s one of the best cars on the market.
4. He’s (liberal) ___________________________us. We need a more conservative person.
5. This poison is (strong) ___________________________kill a bull.

IV. Fill the gaps with the suitable form: so / such / too / enough. 1. He’s _______________ excellent worker! he deserves to get promoted 2. mmm… This pizza is _______________ tasty. I think I’ll have another piece. 3. That wall is _______________ high for me to climb. I need a ladder. 4. They had _______________ terrible weather in England that they came back in two days. 5. I was _______________ hot coffee that I couldn’t drink it. 6. You don’t need to hurry up, we have _______________ time to finish this exercise 7. It was _______________ small a car for all of us, so we had to go in two cars. 8. Alonso didn’t drive fast _______________ to overtake Schumacher in the last race. 9. Don’t worry about her. She is clever _______________ to realise what she has to do 10. She didn’t speak loudly _______________ for the audience to hear her.

V. Complete the sentences using “enough”, “too” or the combinations of “enough/too” and other words.
1. I think I have drunk __________ for tonight. If I drank more, I wouldn’t be able to drive later on.
2. She’s eighteen, so she’s (old) ___________________________order a beer.
3. The generation gap between us is (strong) _______________________to be broken. We’re like chalk and cheese.
4. You smoke ___________________________You should smoke less.
5. We can’t eat all this butter in a week! There’s ___________________________.
6. These earrings are (ugly) ________________________! I will never wear them!
7. We can’t fight back. There are ___________________________them. We must wait for the reinforcements. They’re due to arrive soon.
8. There’s an outbreak of cholera, and we don’t have (means) ___________________________stop it.
9. They have cut off the power: I don’t have (light) ___________________________finish reading this book.
10. I’ve eaten ___________________________these canapés. My stomach aches terribly as a result.
11. It’s not surprising that you have failed your exams. You’ve been going out (often) ________________________.
12. This barrow is not (big) ________________________carry all this rubble. We need a bigger one.
13. He’s (short) _______________________be a basketball player. He’s only 1.60 meters tall.
13. He’s (tall) ________________________be a policeman. He’s 1.80 meters tall.
14. The music’s (loud) __________________________. If you turn up the volume control, it will be (loud) ___________________________us; so, please don’t!
15. ‘How many flowers do we need to go around?’
    ‘We have _______________________. Don’t worry about it. We have the right amount.’
16. This field (large) ___________________________cultivate crops. You don’t need another field!
17. ‘Are there (wafers) ___________________________?’ ‘Yes, there are. We won’t be able to eat them all.’
18. You’re being __________ (nasty)! Can’t you behave yourself once and for all?
19. Don’t go out! It’s (windy) ___________________________. Can’t you wait until it dies down?

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