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Put the stress mark (`) before the stressed syllable in these words. Then practise readingthe sentences with the correct stress.
/1. If the children become independent, it will be good as they can make their own decisionswhether they are right or wrong.
2. Some parents spend too little time communicating with and listening to their children.
3. Children have to discuss serious things or big decisions with their parents as it showsrespect to them..
4. Corporal punishment is not allowed since this may cause a serious impact on theirchildren’s development.
5. Every home should have a list of family rules which state expectations for behaviour.
6. It is important to inform the family before going out anywhere.
I. Match a type of family in column A with its definition in column B, writing theanswer in each blank.
Types of families

1. Nuclear family
A. a family where one or more of the children has beenadopted

2. Extended family
B. it consists of a husband and wife living and workingtogether without any child

3. Single-parent family
C. an arrangement where divorced parents both havelegal responsibility for their children. Children mayalternatively live with both parents or live with oneand have regular visitation with the other

4. Blended family
D. a family unit in which the grandparents raise theirgrandchildren for a variety of reasons. They need togo back to work or find additional sources ofincome to help raise their grandchildren.

5. Childless family
E. a family unit which includes grandparents, uncles,aunts in addition to parents and children

6. Grandparent family
F. a family where one or more of the children is legallya temporary member of the household

7. Homosexual family
G. a family unit in which a mother or father heads thefamily alone

8. Adoptive family
H. a family consisting of two parents and their children,not including grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.

9. Foster family
I. a family in which the adults are the same sex

10. Co-custody family
J. it is formed when a divorced or widowed parentremarries

II. Fill in each blank with the correct word from the box. There are two extra words.

The benefits of family management also include:
- bringing family members (1) _______________ together
- making it (2) _______________ for grown-ups and children to talk
- making everyone more organised and less (3) _______________
- making the most of (4) _______________ time and finances
- helping adults deal with the way children (5) _______________
- providing a way of passing on your family (6) _______________
- helping children develop important social (7) _______________ for life
- helping your family find more time to have (8) _______________ together.
III. Fill in each blank with ONE suitable word.
There are several steps that can help all family members be consistent to follow the rules.
- Parents can (1) _______________ about what rules would help their family and agreewhich ones to set.
- Parents can post the rules in the house so everyone can (2) _______________ them.
- Parents can have conversations with other adults who (3) _______________ for theirchildren about the rules. This helps make sure everyone knows what is allowed andnot allowed.
- Parents can (4) _______________ all other members to be consistent in following the rules.
- Parents can (5) _______________ children about the rules. Repeating the rules andposting them in the home are all good ways to make children remember the rules.
IV. Fill in each blank in the following sentences with the correct word from the box.

1. Research shows that rituals can strengthen your family’s _______________ and helppass them on to your children.
2. Children object the fact that parents try to _______________ curfews and set time asidefor studying sessions.
3. A generation gap is usually defined as the difference in values, _______________ andbehavior between one generation and the next.
4. No hurting anyone’s feelings or body, and asking permission to borrow other people’sbelongings are examples of _______________ behavior.
5. As children get older and more _______________, the rules can develop with them.
6. If household chores are shared, the _______________ is lighter on everyone.
7. Family rules might include specific bedtimes, chores, _______________ and other behaviors.
8. A _______________ is a person who tries to persuade people to stop arguing or fighting.
9. A _______________ is
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