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Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 1. Face-to-face socializing is not as preferred as virtual socializing among the youth.
A. instant B. available C. direct D. facial
Question 2: With so many daily design resources, how do you stay-up-date with technology without spending too much time on it?
A. connect to the Internet all day B. update new status
C. use social network daily D. get latest information
Question 3: How many countries took part in the last Olympic Games?
A. participated B. succeeded C. hosted D. performed
Question 4: The trouble with Frank is that he never turns up on time for a meeting.
A. get out B. turn on C. arrives D. get over
Question 5: To absorb a younger workforce, many companies offered retirement plans as incentives for older workers to retire and make way for the young ones who earned lower salary.
A. rewards B. opportunities C. motives D. encouragements
Question 6: How on earth could they do away with a lovely old building like that and put a car park there instead?
A. keep B. destroy C. decrease D. upgrade
Question 7: At times, I look at him and wonder what is going on his mind.
A. Never B. Always C. Hardly D. Sometimes
Question 8: We went away on holiday last week, but in rained day in day out.
A. every other day B. every single day C. every second day D. every two days
Question 9: He was attentive as Betsy and I talked about our charity concert to help the victims of the recent floods.
A. perceptive B. indifferent C. interested D. negligent
Question 10: My father hit the roof when he found that I`d damaged the car.
A. was over the moon B. burst with anger C. went with the flow D. kept his shirt on
Question 11. The air is naturally contaminated by foreign matter such as plant pollens and dust.
A. polluted B. occupied C. filled D. concentrated
Question 12. John, could you look after my handbag while I go out for a minute.
A. take part in B. take over C. take place D. take care of
Question 13. Primary education in the United States is compulsory.
A. free of charge B. required C. necessary D. optional
Question 14. Tim are leaving for Canada for good. He will never live in Britain again.
A. permanently B. for a short time C. for better thing D. for a bright future
Question 15: Do I look absurd in this hat?
A. silly B. funny C. abnormal D. uncommon
Question 16: My parents are very down to earth.
A. sensible and practical B. Strict C. easy-going D. formal
Question 17. It’s a really difficult matter to decide how to solve now. I will need time to think it twice
A. to think it over B. to make it better C. to make up for it D. to think out of time
Question 18. “He insisted on listening to the entire story.”
A. part B. funny C. whole D. interesting
Question 19: When the protestor entered the meeting clad only in a beach tower, the audience was dumbfounded.
A. speechless B. excited C. content D. applauding
Question 20: She is always diplomatic when she deals with angry students.
A. strict B. outspoken C. tactful D. firm
Question 21: The dog saw his reflection in the pool of water.
A. imagination B. bone C. leash D. image
Question 22: We can use either verbal or non-verbal forms of communication.
A. using gesture B. using speech C. using verbs D. using facial expressions
Question 23: We are a very close- knit family.
A. need each other. B. are close to each other.
C. have very close relationship with each other. D. are polite to each other.
Question 24: It is believed that the plane crash was caused by electrical malfunction of its navigation system.
A breaking through B: breaking in C: breaking down D: breaking up
Question 25: Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.
A be busy B: attempt C: prepare D: help
Question 26: When the police arrived the thieves took to flight leaving all the stolen things behind.
A. did away B. climbed on C. took away D. ran away
Question 27: Please, you are so nervous, do try to contain your anger.
A. hold back B. consult C. consume D. contact
Question 28: After many year of unsuccessfully endeavoring to form his own orchestra, Glenn Miller finally achieved world fame in 1939 as a big band leader.`
A. requesting B: trying C: offering D: deciding
Question 29: Few businesses are flourishing in the present economic climate.
A. taking off B. setting up C. growing well D. closing down
Question 30: The education system is a mirror that reflects the culture.
A. points B. explains C. shows D. gets
Question 31: It is an occasion when strength and sports are tested, friendship and solidarity was built and deepened.
A. practice B. power C. will D. competence
Question 32: It is such a prestigious university that only excellent students are entitled to a full scholarship each year.
A. have the right to refuse B. are given the right to
C. are refused the right to D. have the obligation to
Question 33: The repeated commercials on TV distract many viewers from watching their favorite films.
A. economics B. businesses C. contests D. advertisements
Question 34: My uncle, who is an accomplished guitarist, taught me how to play.
A. famous B. modest C. skillful D. perfect
Question 35: I received housing benefit when I was unemployed.
A. out of practice B. out of order C. out of fashion D. out of work
Question 36: That is the instance where big, obvious non-verbal signals are appropriate.
A. matter B. place C. attention D. situation
Question 37: The maintenance of these old castles must cost a lot of money.
A. building B. foundation C. destruction D. preservation
Question 38: People in the mountainous areas are still in the habit of destroying forests for cultivation.
A. planting B. farming C. industry D. wood
Question 39: Important features of dehydrated foods are their lightness in weight and their compactness.
A. organic B. dried C. frozen D. healthy
Question 40. Many people criticized the ostentatious lifestyle of some high-ranked officials.
A. debauched B. immoral C. showy D. extravagant

Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.
Question 1: The Vietnamese consider it rude to interrupt a person while he is talking.
A. bad mannered B. polite C. uneducated D. ignorant
Question 2: Differently from English taught to all Vietnamese students, Chinese and Russian have been made optional languages taught at secondary schools in Vietnam.
A. compulsory B. important C. comfortable D. necessary
Question 3: In some societies, language is associated with social class and education. People judge one’s level in society by the kind of language used.
A. connected with B. not allowed by C. separated from D. dissimilar to
Question 4: There was a long period without rain in the countryside last year so the harvest was poor.
A. epidemic B. drought C. famine D. flood
Question 5: She performed all her duties conscientiously . She often gives enough care to her work.
A. irresponsibly B. liberally C. responsibly D. insensitively
Question 6: Their classmates are writing letters of acceptance.
A. agree B. confirmation C. refusal D. admission
Question 7: If one fails to achieve a goal, his or her efforts are fruitless.
A. profitable B. futile C. purposeful D. useless
Question 8: Hazardous waste is waste that has substantial or potential threats to public health or the environment.
A. vivid B. risky C. dangerous D. secure
Question 9: Doctors have criticized the government for failing to invest enough in the health service.
A. praised B. blamed C. accused D. commented
Question 10: The company will only employ competent engineers, so they want to see evidence of their work as well the references from previous employers.
A. proficient B. inconvenient C. ambitious D. unqualified
Question 11: We ought to keep these proposals secret from the chairman for the time being.
A. revealed B. frequented C. accessible D. lively
Question 12: They protested about the inhumane treatment of the prisoners.
A. vicious B. warm-hearted C. callous D. cold-blooded
Question 13: John was so insubordinate that he lost his job in one week.
A. understanding B. fresh C. obedient D. disobedient
Question 14: He had never experienced such discourtesy towards the president as it occurred at the annual meeting in May.
A. rudeness B. measurement C. encouragement D. politeness
Question 15: The bank announced that it was to merge with another of the high street banks.`
A. associate B. separate C. cooperate D. assemble
Question 16: In remote communities, it`s important to replenish stocks before the winter sets in.
A. remake B. empty C. refill D. repeat
Question 17: I didn`t take a deliberate decision to lose weight. It just happened.
A. calculated B. planned C. accidental D. intentional
Question 18: The position fell vacant when Rodman wa
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