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Choose the word whose main stress syllable is put differently.
A. maintain B. attitude C. determine D. develop
A. brilliant B. different C. secretary D. attractive
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.
A.bride B. fridge C. bridge D. driven
A.borrow B. neighbour C. stapler D. harbour
A. booked B. pushed C.caused D. matched
Choose the word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that best completes each sentence.
________, women are responsible for the chores in the house and taking care of the children.
A. With tradition B. On tradition C. Traditional D. Traditionally
All of the students are __________to pass the entrance examination in order to attend the university.
A. obsessed B. obliged C. obtained D. observed
It is important to have someone that you can__________in.
A. talk B. speak C. confide D. know
Most adjectives can be used to __________a noun.
A. precede B. advance C. occur D. stand
Which of the following sentences has the correct word order?
A. She walks usually past my house in the morning.B. She in the morning walks usually past my house.
C. She usually walks past my house in the morning.D. She walks usually in the morning past my house.
I`m very tired now because __________ more than 800 kilometers today.
A. I`m driving B. I`ve driven C. I drive D. I`ve been driving
When she returned home from work, she __________a bath.
A. takes B. took C. has taken D. was taking
Your car is quite old. It`s the same as__________.A. us B. our C. ours D. we`re
My father didn`t go to college; __________did my mother.
A. none B. either C. so D. neither
Our English teacher would like __________.
A. that we practicing our pronunciation B. us practicing our pronunciation
C. us to practice our pronunciation D. we to practice our pronunciation
Our relatives__________meet us at the station this evening.
A. are being B. are going to C. go to D. will be to
He __________for that company for five months when it went bankrupt.
A. has been worked B. has workedC. had been working D. was working
At this time next week, all of the students__________for their examinations.
A. will be sat B. have been sitting C. have sat D. will be sitting
Rachel is good at badminton. She__________ every game.
A. wins B. winning C. have won D. is able win
-"Let`s have a pizza." -"__________"
A. Not again B. It doesn`t matter C. It’s a good idea D. Not really
I didn`t need __________anything. I just sat there and listened.
A. say B. saying C. to say D. having said
She prefers carnations __________roses. In fact, she dislikes roses.
A. to B. from C. over D. than
My mother made a birthday cake__________.A. about me B. for me C. to me D. to I
He can`t go out because he __________his work.
A. doesn`t finish B. hasn`t finished C. didn`t finish D. hadn`t finished
Our neighbours are normally very noisy, but they`re__________this evening.
A. unusual quiet B. unusual quietly C. unusually quiet D. unusually quietly
I saw him hiding something in a __________bag.
A. plastic small black B. small plastic blackC. black small plastic D. small black plastic
If Tan Son Nhat Airport __________clear of fog we`ll land there.
A. is B. was C. will be D. could be
Did he tell you __________?A. where could we meet him B. we would be able to meet him where
C. where would be able to meet himD. where we would meet him
If she had known how awful this job was going to be, she__________it.
A. would accept B. wouldn`t accept
C. wouldn`t have accepted D. would have accepted
I`ll see you __________.A. at the moment B. in an hour C. last night D
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