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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently.
A. between B. green C. thirteen D. volunteer
A. enough B. cough C. night D. laugh
A. wanted B. started C. helped D. needed
Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others.
A. between B. report C. happy D. enough
A. enjoy B. uncle C. Sunday D. different
Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences.
We must be there _____ 7.30 and 8.15.
A. at B. before C. between D. after
Dad stayed at the office _____ he finished the report.
A. between B. until C. for D. at
Vietnamese language is different _____ English language.
A. as B. like C. from D. with
Tom is 16. He isn’t _____ to drive a car.
A. enough young B. young enough C. enough old D. old enough
When my uncle was young, he used _____ fishing on Sundays.
A. go B. went C. going D. to go
Mary likes _____ the piano.
A. playing B. plays C. played D. play
She told me _____ you that present.
A. giving B. to give C. gave D. given
Last night I watched the movie “Romeo and Juliet”. In the end, they killed______.
A. himself B. herself C. themselves D. ourselves
Jane is _____ beautiful than her sister.
A. as B. like C. the most D. more
London is _____ capital city in Europe.
A. large B. larger C. most large D. the largest
Choose the word or phrase that needs correcting.
My uncle and aunt lived in this village for over twenty years
You should take a taxi although it’s raining hard.
I’m not very good on repairing things.
I prefer the city life than country life.
We haven’t seen each other since a long time.
Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.
Hello! My name is David. I work for a construction company. I started working for this company in 2004. We build roads, dams, bridges and things like that. At the moment my company is producing a plan for a new motorway. I usually work in the road department, but this month I am working in the department that builds bridges. So my whole working day is different just now. I normally spend a lot of time outdoors because I have to go to the construction sites. But with this new project I spend a lot of time in the workshop. Now I am testing a model of one of the new bridges. I enjoy it a lot because I have learned a lot of new things.
A. Check True (T) or False (F).

He works for a TV station.

He started working for this company in 2004.

He doesn’t build roads, dams, bridges.

He normally spends a lot of time outdoors.

Now he is testing a model of one of the new bridges.

B. Answer the following questions.
When did David begin working for his construction company?
What is his company doing at the moment?
Where does he usually work?
Is he working in the road department this month?
Why does he normally spend a lot of time outdoors?
Give the correct form of the verbs in brackets.
There ____________________12 months in a year. (be)
At the moment, my mother ____________________in the office. (work)
My sister ____________________this place last year. (not visit)
Minh is a doctor. He ____________________in a hospital for 5 years. (work)
She enjoys____________________ T.V after dinner. (watch)
Rewrite these following sentences as directed.
Mai / enjoy / learn English. (make sentence)
She often went to school by bike but now she doesn’t any more. (use used to)
( She
“ Don’t go out and put on warm clothes” said the doctor ( use reported
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