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Người gửi: Phạm Thị Liên
Ngày gửi: 18h:56' 23-10-2017
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UNIT 1 + 2 - 3 ENGLISH 11 NEW
I. Find the words which has a different sound in the part underlined.
A. childcare b. privacy c. mature d. elegant
A. afford b. force c. top d. norm
A. compassion b. progress c. discussion d. pressure
a.achievement b.appearance c.enthusiastic d.initiative
a.confidence b.achievement c.engage d.permission
a.potential b.psychologist c.oppose d.contribution
a.initiative b.confidence c.enthusiastic d.tension
a.reaction b.achievement c.matchmaking d.enthusiastic
a. Matchmaking b. face c. Dating d. Teenager
a. Advice b.reconciled c.incident d.decisive
a. Contact b.initiative c.interact d.lifetime
a.pyramid b.hygiene c.nylon
A. prioritise b. privacy c. determined d. strive
A. wisely b. width c. wisdom d. confident
A. possession b. discussion c. profession d. decision
.a. curfew b. burden c. mature d. curtain
A. motivated b. prioritize c. confident d. conflict
A. sibling b. conservative c. counselor d. casual
II. Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others.
1.A. studious B. respectful C. financial D. extended
2.A. curfew B. conflict C. control D. homestay
3. A. confident B. approach C. communicate D. contribute
4. A. enquire B. enroll C. responsibly D. housekeeping
A. protective B. fulfill C. motivated D. priority
6. A. schedule B. struggle C. deadline D. remind
7. A. management B. discourage C. advertise D. overcome
8. A. Attitude B.argument C. Relevant D.assistant
9. A.interact B. concentrate C.counsellor D.influence
10. A. International B.interpersonal C.intelligently D.intellectually
11.A. determined B.examine C.reliant D.medicine
12. A. loneliness b. management c. confident d. protective
13. A. difficulty b. community c. ability d. Effectively
14. A. counselor b. decisive c. confident d. discipline
15. A. management b. protective c. respectful d. reliant
III.Vocabulary and Grammar:Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
1.A child comes to his parents to see that they ………….his needs, desires, and ambition.
Agree b. respect c. admire d. worry
Children learn from how they see their parents …………; when parents are getting along well, their relationship supports their child’s development.
Involve b. influence c. affect d. interact
3.Knocking on closed doors before entering can be a great way for children to practice ……………behaviors.
Respecting b. respectful c. respective d. respected
4.Parents should teach children about ……… establishing a rule about knocking on closed doors before entering.
Loneliness b. care c. privacy d. peace
5.Going into any argument, both sides know that either one is going to change the other’s ………..
Head b. mind c. brain d. feeling
During the examination, students …………..keep silent and focus on their own papers.
Need b. can c. might d. have to
We ………..make decisions together about what to do for special events such as birthdays.
Should b. shouldn’t c. Must d. mustn’t
Parents ………….ask
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