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Người gửi: Phạm PHương Quỳnh
Ngày gửi: 23h:09' 12-01-2020
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I. Choose the word which is pronounced differently from the other
1. a. climate b. pride c. quit d. primary
2. a. continent b. depend c. send d. pretend
3. a. proud b. pound c. double d. house
4. a. teacher b. scholarship c. chair d. chess
5. a. line b. fine c. site d. fit
6. a. hour b. house c. hot d. head
7. a. light b. dislike c. design d. music
8. a. check b. chair c. chalk d. character
9. a. hope b. honor c. house d. heat
10. a. intended b. washed c. laughed d. missed

1. Secondary education is _______________ and free in many countries. (COMPEL)
2. ______________ are doing their best to make people aware of the danger of air pollution. (ENVIRONMENT)
3. This coffee is too____________ to drink. (HEAT)
4. He drives so ______________ that he is sure to have an accident. (CARE)
5. We can save _______________ resources by using solar energy. (NATURE)
6. She got the_________________ from the library. (INFORM)
7. Air _____________ is one of the problems that people have deal to with. (POLLUTE)
8. Fuel ________ can be cut down by having fewer cars on the roads. (CONSUME)
9. The next stage in the ___________________ of television is interactive TV. (DEVELOP)
10. ____________________ is one of big proplems in the world (FOREST)

1. My pen pal and I are far away from each other, but we always …………..
a. keep on b. get on c. keep in touch d. write on
2. Is physical education…….. in your school ?
a. traditional b. additional c. national d. compulsory
3. Her good behaviours made a deep…….. on all the class members.
a. impression b. expression c. kindness d. happiness
4. The…….. language of Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia.
a. international b. national c. continental d. country
5. Malaysia is…….. into two regions: The East and the West Malaysia.
a. separate b. divided c. parted d. comprised
6. They really enjoy the peaceful…….. in Vietnam.
a. impression b. atmosphere c. expression d. faces
7. This is a difficult problem. I wish I ……..the answer.
a. know b. knew c. had known d. would know
8. I couldn't come to Mary's birthday party last night. I wish…….. there.
a. I could b. I had come c. I could have come d. came
9. Mr. Poole has lived in Vietnam for many years. He …….. the hot climate here.
a. used to b. is used to c. gets used to d. b &c are correct
10. Wear a helmet when riding a motorbike. Helmets are used………our heads.
a. to protect b. protect c. protecting d. protected
11. The house comprises two bedrooms, a kitchen and a bathroom.
a. consist of b. gets c. divides d. takes
12. Vietnam is a …….country. The weather is usually hot there.
a. tropical b. cold c. warm d. heat
13. What's the …….of Malaysia? Is it the ringgit?
a. currency b. money c. unit d. money symbol
14. Solar energy doesn't cause………..
a.pollution b. polluted c. pollute d. pollutant
15. You don't like watching this film, …………………?
a.don't you b. are you c. do you d. did you
16. The entrance examination will be held ______ June 22nd ,2020
a. in b. on c. at d. to
17. Hoa: I suggest going camping next Sunday.- Lan: …………………………..
a. That's a fine day b. That's a good idea c. That's a reason d. That's a good trip
18. I wish you …….watching television while I am talking to you.
a. stop b. stopped c. stop d. to stop
19. If I were you, I ………phone and tell her you are going to be late.
A. would B. had C. will D. would have
20. We have lived in this flat………….five years.
a. ago b. for c. since d. already

IV. Choose the underlined words or phrases that are not correct in standard written English.
1. I feel really tired. I wish I didn't go to the party last night.
2. Tom used to going to school by bus. Now he goes by bike.

3. Mary is used to do her homework by herself.
4. The kitchen is not very big but there's a lot of cupboards.
5. Liverpool is an industry city in the North of England.
V. Look at the signs. Choose the correct answer.
1. What does the sign say?
a. You mustn't drive after driving.
b. You shouldn't drive under the influence of drugs.
c. You must be carfeful with drunk drivers.
d. You should be careful as there is a pub ahead.
2. What does the sign say?
a. Disabled people can stand here.
b. This is a forbidden area for the handicapped.
c. Facillities for disabled people are available here.
d. The handicapped must stay here at all times.

VI. Choose the word A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.
New York – The “ Big Apple”
Our arrival in New York was spectacular. It's skyscrapers and the Statue of Liberty make a …1……sight. New York has a …2……of over seven million and it is probably the world's most famous city. The inhabitants of the “Big Apple” come from many …3……countries. There are more nationalities in New York…4……in any other places on the earth. It is also has…5……tourists than any other city except London, especially in the summer. …6……come from all…7……the world and have a wonderful time. There are so many …8……for them to get enthusiastic about – whether it's some of the …9……museums in the world or the …10……little streets of Greenwich Village.
1. a. sad b. beautiful c. horrible d. cold
2. a. attraction b. impression c. population d. people
3. a. same b. young c. old d. different
4. a. than b. rather c. of d. to
5. a. many b. much c. more d. lots
6. a. Visit b. Visitors c. Workers d. Goers
7. a. in b. from c. over d. of
8. a. attraction b. place c. sights d. area
9. a. good b. better c. best d. nicer
10. a. to charm b. charm c. charmed d. charming

VII. Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer.
Between the months of November and May wind blows from the west in most parts of Indonesia. It comes from the ocean and carries rain. Clouds build up around the mountains and every afternoon rain falls. The rain is always heavy, and rivers now become dangerous. When it rains the whole day, they suddenly overflow and cause great damage to the land.
Most farmers are glad when the wet season begins. There is water for their fields and they can again start growing rice. But people in town are not so glad for the streets soon get muddy and dirty. They prefer the dry seasons when they can sit outside and enjoy the cool evenings
1. What comes from the ocean?
A. a river B. a wind C. a rain D. a cloud
2. What causes the rain?
A. clouds building up around the mountains B. The afternoon
C. The mountains D. The ocean
3. What damages the land?
A. The wet season B. The overflow of the rivers
C. The dry season D. The sudden rain
4. Why can farmers start growing rice again?
A. Because the land has been damaged. B. Because the rivers overflow.
C. Because there is water for their fields. D. Because the dry season has begun.
5. Why are people in town not so happy in the wet season?
A. Because the streets are full of mud B. Because the evening are cool.
C. Because they are muddy and dirty. D. Because they can sit outside.

1. The ground was wet. We couldn't play soccer yesterday.
The ground was too_______________________________________________________
2. I don't know the answer, so I can't tell you.
If _____________________________________________________________________
3. It's three weeks since I last washed my windows.
I haven't_______________________________________________________­­­­_________
4. He isn't a doctor.
He wishes he ____________________________________________________________
5. I don't have enough money to help you.
I wish I_________________________________________________________________
6. I don't find it dificult to get up early in the morning.
I am used_______________________________________________________________
7. It takes Minh 2 hours to do his homework every day.
Minh spends_____________________________________________________________
8. We enjoy playing soccer.
He is interested___________________________________________________________
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