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de cuong on tap anh 8 thi diem hot . thi 8 tuan hoc ki 2.

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ÔN THI GIỮA HỌC KỲ 2 – nĂM HỌC 2018-2019
III. Choose the best option (A, B, C or D) to complete these sentences.
1. The famous Sydney Opera House as an arts center since 1973.
A. serves B. served C. have served D. has served
2. If you the president, what would you do to help the environment?
A. would be B. are C. had been D. were
3. Don’t drink that water. It’s .
A. contaminated B. pure C. damaged D. dumped
4. Linh: Mai has won the first prize. - Ha: !
A. That`s awesome B. Oh dear C. How terrible D. That`s shocking
5. This animal, the , is a symbol of Australia.
A. kangaroo B. koala C. rabbit D. tiger
6. Do you know that the telephone, the TV and penicillin are Scottish .
A. inventors B. inventor C. inventions D. invention
7. Noise pollution can lead to loss.
A. looking B. hearing C. listening D. reading
8. Have you come solutions to this problem?
A. up to B. to with C. up with D. on to
9. Air , together with littering, is causing many problems in our cities today.
A. pollute B. pollution C. polluting D. polluted
10. The road in front of my office is always when it rains heavily.
A. to flood B. flooding C. flood D. flooded
11. Singapore is famous for its and green trees.
A. cleanliness B. cleanly C. cleaning D. clean
12. In some English speaking countries, turkey and pudding are food at Christmas.
A. national B. historical C. traditional D. possible
13. The USA has a population of 304 million, and it’s the third_________ country in the world.
A. smallest B. largest C. narrowest D. highest
14. The roof of the building in a storm a few days ago.
A. damaged B. was damaged C. has damaged D. has been damaged
15. A severe tropical is called a typhoon.
A. drought B. rain C. flood D. storm
16. As soon as the floodwater down, people their houses.
A. went – cleaned B. had gone – cleaned
C. went - had cleaned D. had gone – had cleaned
17. The old tradition of first-footing is still practises today in _____
A. Scottish B. Scots C. Scotland D. English
18. In Canada, the serving of coffee at the end of an evening is a signal that it is time for _____ to prepare to leave.
A. visitors B. tourists C. holiday makers D. relatives
19. If the factory continues dumping poison into the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals _____.
A. die B. to died C. dead D. will die
20. The Maori in New Zealand greet each other by _____ their noses.
A. punching B. touching C. blowing D. kissing
21. Australia has the biggest _____ station in the world.
A. nations B.cattle C. games D. continents
22. There is a red maple leaf on the _____ of Canada.
A. flag B. banner C. money D.currency
23.Water _____ in the lake has made the fish die.
A. pollution B. pollute C. polluted D. polluting
24. Water pollution is the _____ in the lake has made the fish die.
A. contaminating B. contaminate C. contaminated D. contamination
25. Don’t drink that water. It’s _____.
A. damaged B. dumped C. contaminated D. contamination
26. By the time we got to the cinema, the film _____.
A. started B. had started C. starting D. was starting
27. Emergency teams are still removing the _____ from the plane crash.
A. dirt B. debris C. dust D. sweet
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