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Người gửi: Vũ Thị Hồng Nhung
Ngày gửi: 20h:50' 23-11-2018
Dung lượng: 84.0 KB
Số lượt tải: 1298
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I. Pronunciation:
1. A. community B. confident C. financial D. reconcile
2. A. elegant B. cognitive C. progress D. generation
3. A. extended B. expensive C. extra D. external
4. A. childcare B. blind C. integrate D. decisive
5. A. afford B. assistant C. date D. comfortable
II. Stress:
6. A. access B. burden C. campaign D. conflict
7. A. charity B. attitude C. counsellor D. disabled
8. A. argument B. impairment C. motivate D. physical
9. A. sympathetic B. humanitarian C. independent D. interpersonal
10. A. fashionable B. prioritise C. mobility D. experience
III. Vocabulary & Grammar:
11. I feel really excited because I _____ with Vicky tomorrow.
A. have got a date B. am in a relationship C. break up D. lend an ear
12. I _____ for her two hours, but she _____ yet.
A. am waiting - don’t come B. have been waiting - hasn’t come
C. waited - came D. wait - does not come
13. She never looks ______ anyone who she is talking ______. She seems to be lack ______ confidence.
A. at / to / of B. on / about / for C. for / with / in D. up / for / with
14. Henry should have done his homework last night but he watched TV instead.
A. Henry didn`t watch TV last night because he had to do his homework.
B. Henry watched TV last night instead of doing his homework.
C. Henry did his homework while watching TV.
D. Henry had already done his homework before he watched TV.
15. No one has used this computer for a long time.
A. This computer has been used for a long time. B. This computer was not used for a long time.
C. This computer has not been used for a long time. D. This computer has not used for a long time.
16. A lot of things went wrong ______ all my careful plans.
A. because B. although C. in spite of D. because of
17. My father used to _____ me to the zoo when we _____ in the city.
A. take - lived B. taking - were living C. took - had lived D. taking - lived
18. Neither Jane nor I _____ to NewYork before.
A. have been B. has been C. are D. am
19. She has cooked for dinner for two hours.
A. She didn`t start cooking for dinner until it was two. B. She started cooking for dinner two hours ago.
C. She has two hours to cook for dinner. D. Cooking for dinner took her two hours.
20. The last time I went to the museum was a year ago.
A. My going to the museum lasted a year. B. At last I went to the museum after a year.
C. A year ago, I often went to the museum. D. I have not been to the museum for a year.
21. Everyone seems _____ a good time.
A. to have B. has C. having D. have
22. I / not / take part / parties / since / come here.
A. I don’t take part in any parties since I come here.
B. I haven’t taken part in any parties since I came here.
C. I hadn’t taken part in any parties since I came here.
D. I didn’t take part in any parties since I came here.
23. Have your parents ever complained about your _____?
A. hairstyle B. junk food C. generation gap D. conflict
24. We should get _____ in charity work to help people in need.
A. part B. involved C. volunteer D.
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