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Người gửi: Lê Thị Linh
Ngày gửi: 09h:04' 04-12-2018
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REVIEW SEMESTER I – grade 12th
I. Choose the underlined word or phrase that needs correcting in each of the following sentences.
1. The boy stands over there is my son.
2. It takes 90 minutes to going to Hanoi by plane.
3. My son would rather playing tennis than football.
4. John had his car to repair yesterday.
5. It is three months since he works in this company.
6. Never I have seen such a good film before.
7. Two years are a long time to wait.
8. This is the house in that we often stay in summer.
9. She is the most beautiful woman who I have ever met.
10. In a hospital, everything have to be very clean.
11. The doctor strongly advised her take a few days` rest.
12. We will be late if we not hurry.
13. Let`s go to swim now. It`s very hot.
14. I think your origin plan is the best one.
15. Dirty air is harmful for our health.
16. Please tell us the reason when he left without saying goodbye.
17. Smoking is harmful not only to smokers so to non-smokers.
18. When he goes to see them last night, they were playing cards.
19. There comes my bus! I must go now. Don`t forget giving me a call.
20. The problems of pollution are too difficult for us to solving.
21. In my opinion, a most beautiful place in Vietnam is Dalat.
22. Did you say that you will have a lot of things to do the following week.
23. Whenever problems come up we often discuss about them frankly.
24. The artist whom picture we saw yesterday is also a well-known pianist.
25. Many folk songs have been wrote about farmers and country life.
26. George isn`t enough intelligent to pass this economics exam without help.
27. Unless you work harder, you will be sacked because of your lazy.
28. Mai told her child not make noise when she was working.
29. We haven`t seen each other from we left school.
30. The story telling by my grandfather was very interesting.
II. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete each of the following sentences:
1. He has been learning hard to prepare _______ the coming final exam.
a. for              b. with              c. on               d. over
2. Assessment is commonly _______ form of written test.
a. on              b. of               c. at               d. in
3. Statistics indicate that depressed patients are more likely to become ill than _______ people are.
a. normal           b. normally          c. normality         d. normalize
4. The purpose of secondary education is to give students common knowledge to ______ for either higher education or vocational education.
a. require           b. prepare           c. ask             d. demand
5. In New Zealand, students_______ secondary school at the ages from about 13 to 18.
a. do               b. assess           c. take            d. attend
6. Secondary school in Pakistan begins from grade 9 and _______ for four years.
a. lasts             b. spends           c. requires         d. prepare
7. What is your major _______ at university? - I learn Physics.
a. assessment       b. evaluation         c. subject         d. purpose
8. If it _______ an hour ago, we would have stayed inside.
a. rains             b. rained            c. had rained       d. were raining
9. If I feel too excited to sleep, I _______ reading one of our reports.
a. would try          b. try               c. will try          d. would have tried
10. If he _______ well on the training courses last year, he _______ offered the promotion now.
a. did / were                            b. did / would be c. had done / would have been              d. had done / would be.
11. ____ I had learned English when I was at high school.
a. If                 b. Provided          c. Unless          d. If only
12. He took me to the university _______.
a. he used to study                       b. in that he used to study c. where he used to study                  d. which he used to study
13. GCSEs are not compulsory, but they are the most common qualification taken by 14-16-year-old students.
a. specialized         b. fulfilled           c. required         d. applied
14. I admired him for being so confident _______ his age.
a. for                b. at               c. in              d. on
15. I saw a lot of new people at the party, _______ seemed familiar.
a. some of whom       b. some of who      c. whom          d. some of that
16. He is the man ______ car was
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