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Người gửi: Lê Thị Xuân Dịu
Ngày gửi: 18h:59' 05-04-2021
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WRITING 0: Viết một bài văn về việc cố gắng thuyết phục mọi người bảo vệ môi trường theo gợi ý cho sẵn.
The environment is now being damaged so badly. It is important for us to protect the environment. We have to do many things as follows.
Firstly, I think it would be better if we use banana leaves to wrap food because plastic bags are very hard to dissolve .We should reuse and recycle bottles and cans (so as) to reduce garbage and save natural resources.
Secondly, we should not throw trash onto the water to keep the water clean since polluted water can directly do harm to people’s health and kill fish.
Thirdly, I think we should go to school or go to work by bike to save energy and keep the air cleaner. In addition, we should put garbage bins around the schoolyard to prevent lazy students from throwing trash and keep the schoolyard clean.
Finally/Last but not least, we should use public buses instead of motorbikes to avoid traffic jams, to reduce exhaust fume and (to) save energy.
In conclusion/To sum up/In brief/In a word, we should do it immediately or else it will be too late.

Writing 1:Imagine you are visiting a place, write a letter to tell your parents about the trip
I arrived at Da nang train station at 2 p.m late in the afternoon on Tuesday. Uncle Tan met me at train station then he took me home by taxi. I have visited many places like the beaches, the Cham Museum, Marble mountains, supermarkets, the water park…I have tried different foods, seafood.
I’ll visit Hoi An and My Son on Saturday I feel very happy and enjoy myself so much. The people here are so nice and friendly. The food is so delicious, and the sights are so beautiful. I’ll leave Da
Nang at 2 am next Sunday and I’ll arrive home at 11 pm. Please pick me up at the train station.
Writing 2:
In my opinion, secondary school students should wear casual clothes.
Firstly, casual clothes make students feel comfortable.
Secondly, wearing casual clothes gives students freedom of choice. They have rights to choose sizes. Colors and fashion that they love.
Thirdly, casual clothes make students feel self – confident when they are in their favorite clothes
Finally, causal clothes make school more colorful and lively.
In conclusion, secondary school students should wear casual clothes. Wearing casual
Writing 3
It was a beautiful day, my friend and I decided to go on a picnic. We took a bus to the countryside and then walked about 20 minutes to the picnic site next to a river. We put down the blanket and laid out the food. After meal we played the games “what song is it” and blind man’s buff. Late in the evening/ afternoon we went fishing. We enjoyed our picnic. When we looked at the time, it was nearly 6.30 p.m. We hurriedly gathered our things and ran to the bus stop. We were lucky to catch the last bus and we arrived home very late in the evening.
Writing 4
Dear Sir;
I saw your institute’s advertisement on today’s TV program . I am very interested in learning English and I would like some more information about your institute
I can speak a little English, but I read it very slowly and my writing is bad. So I want to improve my reading and writing. Could you please provide more information about the length of the course and fees for beginners? I can supply my record of English study if necessary. I look forward to hearing from you soon

Your faithfully

Writing 5
. The Internet is very popular with people nowadays. We see the Internet and work with it every day.
Firstly, the Internet is a tool to get information and entertainment. Modern life needs information and the Internet supplies us with useful information. For example, office workers can get data or figures for their work by downloading files from the Internet. People of all kinds can get world news, weather forecast news, business news, music, movies, games, … only by a click on the website links.
Secondly, it is a fast, effective means to connect the world. We can e-mail or webcam friends and relatives. We can design and host a website to express ourselves so that the world can get to know more about us or our business, work. We also can write blog or participate in forums to share knowledge, feelings and ideas.
Thirdly, obviously, the Internet helps people work. People can just stay at home but run their work. Businesspersons or housewives can go e-shopping. Furthermore, e-government is a good way to make government work simple. We can publicize government policies and reduce meetings’ time. Students can attend on-line schools, have on-line lessons, take trial tests or take iBT Toefl tests.
In conclusion, I think the Internet is
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