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Ngày gửi: 08h:33' 23-04-2022
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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others.
1. A. vehicle                B. behaviour                C. exhibition               D. homeless
2. A. untidy                 B. visual                      C. surprise                 D. environment
3. A. volcano               B. violent                    C. technology              D. property
II. Choose the word with different stress from the others in each question.
4. A. geography          B. apology                   C. employee                D. artistic
5. A. Taiwanese          B. biology                   C. botanical                 D. photography
6. A. historical             B. interviewee             C. biography               D. psychology
III. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the following sentences
7. Last night’s storm caused a lot of __________ to people in that area.
A. droughts                 B. forests                     C. damages                 D. volcanoes
8. If you can speak English, you __________ able to go to Canada.
A. will be                    B. will                         C. were                        D. are
9. The road in front of my office is always __________ when it rains heavily.
A. to flood                  B. flooding                  C. flood                       D. flooded
10. The fire was raging so fiercely that the rescue workers found it hard to put it __________.
A. down                      B. out                          C. off                          D. with
11. Before I __________ in the room, she had left.
A. come                       B. had come                C. came                       D. will come
12. This is one of the worst volcanic __________ in this year.
A. eruption                  B. erupt                       C. erupting                  D. eruptive
13. The roof of the building __________ in a storm a few days ago.
A. damaged                B. was damaged         C. has damaged          D. has been damaged
14. In some English speaking countries, turkey is __________food at Christmas.
A. national                  B. historical                 C. traditional               D. possible
15. If the factory _________ dumping poison into the lake, all the aquatic animals will die.
A. continues                B. continued               C. will continue           D. continue
16. When the policeman came to the scene, the driver of the car __________.
A. have left                 B. had left                   C. leaves                      D. was left
IV. Give the correct form of the words given to complete the sentences.
17. The street doesn’t look_____________ because it has a lot of rubbish. (attract)
18. If we use water____________ , more people will have fresh water. (care)
19. Air __________ is causing many environmental problems in our cities today. (pollute)
20. Singapore is famous for its __________ and green trees. (clean)
V. Complete the passage with the given words
population      on      official      Many      began
English is the (21)_________ language of the Philippines. English-medium education (22)_________ in the Philippines in 1901 after the arrival of some 540 US teachers. English was also chosen for newspapers and magazines, the media, and literary writing.
The latest results from a recent survey suggest that about 65% of the (23)_________ of the Philippines has the ability to understand spoken and written English with 48 person stating that they can write standard English. The economy is based (24)_________ English, and successful workers and managers are fluent in English. (25)_________ schools know that their students must be fluent in English to be successful.
VI. Read the film review, and decide whether the statements are True or False.
The Hopi live in the northwestern part of Arizona in the United States. With modern things all around them, the Hopi keep their traditions.
There are about 10,000 Hopi and they live in twelve villages in the desert. The weather is very hot in summer, but in winter it freezes. The wind blows hard. Farming is difficult. Corn is the Hopi`s main food, but they plant vegetables, too. They raise sheep, goats, and cattle. They also eat hamburgers, ice cream and drink soft drinks. They live in traditional stone houses, but many of them have the telephones, radios, and television. They have horses, but they have trucks too.
Kachinas are an important part of the Hopi religion. Kachinas are spirits of dead people, of rocks, plants, and animals, and of the stars. Men dress as kachinas and do religious dances. People also some make wooden kachinas. No two wooden kachinas are ever alike.
The children attend school, and they also learn the Hopi language, dances, and stories. The Hopi want a comfortable, modern life, but they don`t want to lose their traditions.
26. Though surrounded with modern things, the Hopi keep their traditions. 
27. The Hopi live in the mountainous areas. 
28. The Hopi only eat corns. 
29. They live in house made of stone. 
30. Most wooden kachinas are all similar to each other. 
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