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Nguồn: Sưu tầm và tổng hợp
Người gửi: Nguyễn Văn Huấn
Ngày gửi: 21h:40' 06-12-2021
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Số lượt tải: 250
Số lượt thích: 1 người (Nguyễn Văn Huấn)
I. Find the word which has a different sound in the part underline.
1. A. prefer B. better C. teacher D. worker.
2. A. bear B. hear C. dear D. near.
3. A. collect B. concern C. concert D. combine.
4. A. absent B. government C. dependent D. enjoy.
5. A. future B. return C. picture D. culture.
II.Complete the sentences with the words in the box.
basketball books chess films
music photography skating swimming
1. I really like__________________ - especially in the sea.
2. I’m interested in _________________. My favourite band is T-ara from Korea.
3. I love__________________ . I go to the cinema every weekend.
4. I really like ____________________. I don’t play it, but I watch matches on TV.
5. My hobby is____________________________ . I have a new camera.
6. I love ____________________________. My favourite writer is To Hoai.
7. I really love ___________________________in the park with my friends.
8. I like_____________ . I play against my dad. I also play against other people on the Internet.
III.Put the verbs in brackets in the correct verb form.
1. Nam’s friends often (give) __________________him stamps from other countries.
2. My sister (practise) ____________________________the guitar twice a week.
3. I (see)____________ a film this Sunday evening.________________ (you/ go) with me?
4. They (give)__________________ a party next week.
5. The members of the stamp collectors’ club (meet)_______________ at the library next Friday.
6. (you/ be) __________________________________free next Sunday.
7. We (live)___________ near Nam’s house, but we (not see) _______________him very often.
8. Don’t worry. I (go) ___________________fishing with you next Saturday morning.
IV. Complete the text with the verbs in the box in the correct form. Maybe some verbs can be used more than once:
go play watch listen
John has a lot of hobbies. He (1)_____________ chess at school and he also (2)__________ skating. After
dinner, he (3)______________ for a walk and he (4)_________ to music every evening in his room. John
loves sports. He (5) ____________________athletics at school, and he (6)_______________football after school. On
Saturdays, John and his friends (7)___________- swimming. On Sundays, they (8)_________________ basketball in
the park. On Sunday evenings, they sometimes (9) ________________a film.
VI. Choose the correct answer A, B, c or D to fill each blank in the following passage.
Coin collecting is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Most coin (1)__________ enjoy trying to have a complete set of a country’s coins. Some people collect coins for pleasure; (2) collect coins in order to sell them later. From coins, we can also (3) something about certain famous people and events in a country`s (4)______. Many beginning collector go to the bank and buy coins. Then they (5) coins for their collection.
1. A. collectorsB. collecting C. collected D. collections
2. A. another B. other C. others D. the other
3. A. teach B. learn C. give D. offer
4. A. history B. nature C. science D. geography
5. A. look B. see C. watch D. find
VII. Read the article and then decide whether the statements are true (T) or false (F).
After school Susan goes home to do her model-making. She loves making models. She started about a year ago. She needs about two weeks to make a model.Then she puts it on the shelf in her bedroom. She has about twenty models now. She thinks she will need to get another shelf soon. Last term she tried to start a club for model-making at school but the teachers and other children weren’t interested. She thinks she has a lot of fun anyway.
True / False
1. Susan makes models when she stays at school.  
2. She has made her models for about one year.  
3. It takes her two weeks to make two models.  
4. She will need another shelf for her models soon.  
5. Susan tried to start a club for model making and the teachers and other  
children were interested in it very much.
VIII.Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences.
11. We came to the remote village ________and meals for homeless children .
A. cook B. offered C. do D. made
12. You should think of ________the volunteer activities in your community
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