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Người gửi: Ñoøa Kim Haø
Ngày gửi: 19h:34' 27-10-2015
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Thi Tran secondary school
Class : 9
Name : _________________



Listen and fill in the missing words. (2point)
Attention please. Here is a special announcement. A little girl is (1)_____ missing. She’s last (2)_____ twenty minutes ago near the entrance to the Car Fair. Her name is Mary and she is (3)______ years old. She has short dark hair . She is wearing shorts , blue shorts and a (4 )________sleeved white blouse.
1.A. reported B. repeated C. spoken D. reports
2.A. sen B.see C. seen D. saw
3.A. three B. four C. two D. five
4.A. big B. long C. short D. large
Choose the best one to complete the sentences (3pts)
1 Her clothes look very modern and _________
A. fashion B. fashions C. fashionable D. fashionably
2. The English 9 text book ________ ten Units.
A. comprises B. consists C. divides D. separates
3. The Ao dai is the ________ dress of Vietnamese women.
A. casual B. beautiful C. traditional D. baggy
4. Some designers have_______ the Ao dai by printing lines of poetry on it.
A. modernized B. modernize C. modern D. modernly.
5. Designers have taken inspiration _ Vietnam’s ethnic minorities to modernize the Ao Dai.
A. from B. at C. to . D. of
6. Jean cloth is very strong and hardly _____
A. wear out B. put on C. go up D. wear on
7. My father likes wearing a _________ shirt when he goes out for a meal with his friends.
A. striping B. stripped C. strip D. striped
8. Jane wishes his father _______here now to help him .
A. is B. were C. will be D. would be
9. The plan was designed to help Wietnam’s ethnic ____ on education.
A. tradition B. minorities C. inspiration D. rivalry
10. Wearing uniforms encourages students ___ proud of being students of their school.
A. be B.been C.to be D.being
11. The _____ of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur and it is also the largest city of the country. A .town B. city C. language D. capital
12. In the 1980s jeans finally became high fashion _____ .Sales of jeans went up and up.
A. clothes B. clothing C. cloth D. clothier
III. Write the correct tense of the verbs in the parentheses: (2 points)
1. My pen pal _______________________ Vietnamese food. ( just eat)
2. They______________ Dam Sen amusement park 2 days ago. (go)
3. Hoa ____________to a concert named HaNoi singers last weekend. (go)
4.The hospital in our town ________________2 years ago. ( build)
Rewrite each of the following sentences as directed in the parentheses. ( 1 points )
1. They have bought that book for 2 weeks . ( write the passive form)
( That book _______________________________________________________.
2 . It’s a pity I don’t have a new computer . ( rewrite, using wish )
( I wish ___________________________________________________________.
3 . She made a large cake for the party . ( Write the passive form)
( A large cake______________________________________________________.
4 . The last time, they visited London was two years ago .( Rewrie the sentence, using the present perfect tense)
(They haven’t___________________________________________________________
Read the text then answer the questions. (2pts)
Nga’s English pen pal, Jane Brown, was staying with Lan last week. On Jane’s first day in Ha Noi, Lan took her to the West Lake. They tried the Lobster Cake, a kind of food which is often sold nearby West Lake. Over the next few days the girls visited Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum, the History Museum and the Temple of Literature, as well as many beautiful parks and lakes in Ha Noi such as Thu Le Park, Sword Lake…. Jane was really impressed by the beauty of the city and by the friendliness of Ha Noi’s people.
Who is Jane Brown?
An English teacher B. Lan’s English teacher
C. Lan’s English penpal D. Lan’s French penpal.
2. Did the girls visit the West
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