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Nguồn: BỘ ĐỀ HSG 7
Người gửi: Lê Thanh Nga
Ngày gửi: 16h:20' 03-11-2022
Dung lượng: 56.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 482
Số lượt thích: 0 người
Gerund and To-infinitive
1. If a thing is not worth(do) at all, it is worth(do) well.
2. I'm beginning (understand) what you mean.
3. The boys like (play) games but hate (do) exercises.
4. I can't understand her (behave)like that.
5. It wouldn't be safe (start) down now, we'll have (wait)till the mist clears.
6. I tried ( explain) to him but he refused (listen) and went on (grumble)
7. She likes her children (go) to the dentist every 6 months.
8. I know my hair wants (cut) but I never have time (go) to the hairdresser's.
9.-Why didn't you drink it?
-I didn't like (drink) it as I didn't know what it was .
10. Did you advise him (go)to the police?
-No, I didn't like (give) any advice on such a difficult matter.
11. I (like) (bathe)there but there wasn't time.
12. Do stop (talk); I'm trying (finish) a letter.
13. It is usually easier (learn) a subject by (read) books than by (listen) to lectures.
14. Some people seem ( have) a passion for (write) to the newspapers.
15. I resented (bve) unjustly accused and asked him (apologise).
16. He made me (repeat) his instructions (make) sure that I understood what I was
(do) after he had gone.
17.I keep (try) (make) mayonnaise but I never succeed.
-Try (add)the yolk of a hard-boiled egg.
18. I distinctly remember (pay) him. I gave him $2.
19. It's no good (write) to him. He never answers.
20. I knew I was not the first (arrive), for I saw smoke ( rise) from the chimney.
21. I remember (read) a review of that book and think I (like) (get) it.
22. I hate (borrow) money.
23. I (like) (photograph)it but I had no more film.
24. I (like) (ask) a questionbut I was sitting so far back that I'd be heard.
25. I can remember (be) in hospital when I was 4.
25. This book tells you how (win)at games without actually (cheat).
26. The boys next door used (like) (make) and (fly) model aeroplanes, but they
seem (stop) (do) that now.
27. Don't forget (post) the letter I gave you.
28. There was a lot of traffic but we managed (get) to the airport in time.
29. When I'm tired ,I enjoy (watch) TV. It's relaxing.
30. It was a nice day, so we decided (go) for a walk.
31. It's a nice day;Does anyone fancy (go) for a walk?
32. I'm not in a hurry. I don't mind (wait).
33. They don't have much money. They can't afford (go) out very often.
34. I wish that dog would stop (bark). It's driving me mad.
35. Our neighbour threatened (call) the police if we didn't stop the noise.
36. We were hungry, so I suggested (have) dinner early.

37. Hurry up! I don't want (risk) (miss) the train.
38. I'm still looking for a job but I hope (find) something soon.
39. She doesn't allow (smoke) in the hopuse.
40. I've never been to Ireland but I'd like (go) there.
41. I'm in a difficult question. What do you advise me (do)?
42. We were kept at the station for 2 hours and then we were allowed (go).
43. She said the letter was personal and wouldn't let me (read) it.
44. Where would you recommend me (go) for my holiday?
45. I wouldn't recommend (eat) in that restaurant. The food is awful.
46. The film was very sad. It made me (cry).
47. Carol's parents always encouraged her (study) hard at school.
48. They denied (steal) the money.
49. I don't enjoy(drive) very much.
50. I don't want (go) out tonight. I'm too tired.
51. I can't afford (go) out tonight. I haven't got any money.
52. Has it stopped (rain) yet?
53. Can you remind me(buy)some coffee when you go out?
54. Why do you keep (ask) me questions? Can't you leave me alone?
55. Please stop (ask) me questions?
56. I refused (answer) any more questions.
57. One of the boys admitted (break) the window.
58. The boy's father promised (pay) for the window to be repaired.
59. I've enjoyed (meet) you . I hope (see) you again soon.
60. The baby began (cry) in the middle of the night.
61. Julia has been ill but now she is beginning (get) better.
62. He needs (work) harder if she wants (make) progress.
63. Do you think my jacket needs (clean)?
64. Please try( be) quiet when you come home. Everyone will be asleep.
65. I tried (move) the table but it was too heavy.
66. -The radio isn't working, I wonder what's wrong with it.
- Have you tried ( change) the batteries?
67. I'd love (go) to the party but it was impossible.
68. Janet had ( get) used to (drive) on the left.
69. The police prevented everyone from (leave) the building.
70. Please forgive me for (not write) to you.
71. There is no point in (have) a car if you never use it.
72. It's a waste of time (buy) thing you don't need.
73. I shouted ( warn) people of the danger.
74. The President has a team of bodygaurds ( protect)him.
75. She is bound (pass) the exam.
76. He is difficult ( understand)
77. I was interested (hear) that Diane has got a new job.
78. We weren't allowed (leave) the building.

79. I'm looking forward to (go) away next week.
80. Mary promised (buy) me a drink.
81. Jonh made so much noise when I was trying (sleep).
82. It was a difficult question (answer)
83. It was very kind of you (do) my shopping for me.
84. She was the first (arrive) here.
85. You should avoid (travel) during rush hour.
86. We have all agreed (take) a pay cut so that our company will survive.
87. For the time being, the police won't allow anyone (leave) the building
88. Personally, I wouldn't dare (criticise) my boss.
89. We've delayed (fix) the date of the wedding (please) everybody.
90. The accused denied (be) anywhere near the bank during the robbery.
91. Visitors have been directed (not carry) cameras into the museum.
92. Most men dislike(wear) the same shirt 2 days running
93. Surely yopu just can't fail (notice) the constant rise in the cost of living.
94. I don't fancy(be) responsible for a party of school children for a week.
95. It's hard (imagine) (live) without electricity.
96.I keep (leave) my glasses all over the place.
97. I've never managed (get) to the end of “War and Peace”.
98.I suggest (take) a taxi.
99. If we wish (visit) Canada before we're old, we'd better start(save).
100. It's hard (imagine) that anyone actually wants (work) down a mine
Fill in each gap with one suitable preposition and the put the verbs into correct
1. Her employer accused her ...........(steal) money.
2. Roses blames her parents...........(not bring) her up properly.
3. His mother punished him............(be) rude to their neighbours.
4. The clock prevented him............( break ) in to the house.
5. The shopkeeper forgave the child...........(steal) the sweets.
6. His son was arrested.............(sell) drugs to teenagers.
7. She warned the children...........(play) in the park after dark.
8. The judge congratulated the police............(catch) the gang.
9. His parents didn't approve.............him (behave) like that.
10. He is getting used.............(work) at night.
11. He was fined .............(drive) without a licence.
12. It was very brave............him (rush) intothe burning house to save a child.
13. They have no chance..............(pass) the exams.
14. She was discouraged...........(take) to the police.
15. She is very interested ..............(listen) to Pop music.
16. I am very tired..............(wash )the dishes everyday.
17. I had no intention...........(go) to the meeting.
18. He apologised...............(break) my vase.
19. She decided to give...........(look) for another job.

20. There is no point...........(try) to persuade Jonh.
21. She insisted..............(help) me with my luggage.
22. She is on the point.............(lose) his temper.
23. My father was just............(retire).
24. He was sacked...........(be) rude to the boss.
25. She was accused.............(be) a liar.
26. My father gave...............(smoke) 5 years ago.
27. Although he received a degree in maths, he tried his best to go..........(study) a
course in E.
28. I'm very fond.............(learn) English.
29. We had no difficult.............(solve) this problem
30. She is fed............ ...............(queue) for her unemployment benefit every
Exercises on gerund and to-infinitive
1.Our front gate is falling to pieces. It really wants (repair)
2. I was beginning ( think) I was wrong.
3. I dread (visit) the dentist.
4. I dread (think) about what has happened.
5. I prefer (walk) to ( cycle).
6. I had just sarted (eat) when the waiter took my plate away.
7. Would you like ( come) to the beach with us tomorrow.
8. I hate (disturb) you but I'm going to.
9.I hate (tell) you this , but your jacket's torn.
10. I hate ( wait) for buses.
11. What will you have? - I'd prefer (have) steak, please.
12. Have you forgotten (meet) me years ago?
13. I remember (visit) Paris when I was very young.
14. Please remember( lock) the door on your way out.
15. Did you remember (phone Jim last night?
16. I shall never forget (be) taken to see the Moscow State Circus.
17. Don't forget ( find) out how many are coming on saturday.
18.I forgot (go) to the chemist's on my way home.
19. We all tried ( stop) him, but he just wouldn't listen to anyone.
20. If you want (stop) (cough), Why don't you try (drink) some water?
21. She got annoyed because her husband stopped (look) in every shop window.
22. Just stop (talk) and listen for a moment.
23. If we hadn't turnedthe music off they'd have gone on (dance) till morning.
24. she got a degree in physics and then went on ( take) a course in Applied maths.
25. I regret (tell) you that there's been an accident.
26. He regretted (stay) in the same job for so long.
27. He hates ( do ) the washing up.
28. I'd hate ( spend) Christmas alone.
29. I'm beginning ( understand) why he acted as he did.

30. It ceased (matter) whether or not he sold his work.
31. She never ceased ( complain) about prices.
32. He advised me (apply) at once.
33. He advised (apply) at once.
34. The glass wants (cut).
35. She recommends (buy) the big tins.
36. I regret (say) that you have failed your exam.
37.I mean (get) to the top by sunrise.
38. I remember ( read) about the earthquake in the papers.
39. I regret ( spend) so much money.
40. I was very tired , I tried (keep) my eyes open but I couldn't.
41.I rang the door bell but there was no answer. Then I tried ( knock) on the door,
but there was still no answer.
42. We tried (put) the firew out but we were unsuccessful. We had to call the fire
43. Sue needed ( borrow) some money. She tried (ask) Gerry but he was short of
money too.
44. I tried ( reach)the shelf but I wasn't tall enough.
45. Please leave me alone. I'm trying (concentrate).
46. I need a change. I need (go) away for a while.
47. She isn't able to look after herself. She needs (look) aftwer.
48. The windows are dirty. They need (clean).
49. Why are you leaving now? You don't need (go) yet, do you?
50. You don't need (iron) that shirt. It needs (iron).
51. Try (not make) so much noise.
52. I remember (meet) you before but I forget your name.
53. Don't forget (send) me a cable when you arrive in Ha noi.
54. He stopped (smoke) a cigarette. But it was so windy that he failed to do it.
55. Yesterday I went to Mai's party. But now I regret (go) there.
- Why? - I regret (say) that I stayed there too long.
56. Why did you stop (go) to the youth club?
- I wanted ( wait) until my brother was old enough to go with me.
57. Have you seen my keys today? - Yes, I remember (see) the on the table this
58. Don't forget (go ) to the travel agent's,will you? The plane ticket needs (pick)
59. Oh, no. It's starting ( rain).
60. Lucia started (study) English 6 years ago.
61. He remember ( drive) up to the crossroads but nothingelse after the accident.
62. Do try ( make ) less noise. I'm trying (concentrate).
63. Have you ever stopped (wonder) why she behaved like that?
64. We really need (do) some shopping, we're running out of everything.
65. I've tried (jog) and aerobics but I still can't lose weight.

66. I'll stop (lend) you money if you waste it on cigarettes.
67. I can't get this table through the door. Have you tried ( take) off the legs?
67. The house needs (paint) soon.
68.Mary will need (make) a new dress for the party.
69. Would you like (come)to a lecture on Wagner tonight?- No, thanks. I like
(listen) to music but I don't like (listen) to people talking about it.
70. Do you feel like (dine) out or Would you rather (have) dinner at home? -I'd
loke (go) out.
71. We stopped once (buy) petrol and then we stopped again(ask) someone the
72. When I caught them cheat me , I stopped(buy) petrol there and started ( deal)
with your garage instead.
73. The lecturer began by telling us where the island was and went on ( talk) about
its history.
74.I wish I hadn't tried ( repair) it. I only made it worse.
75. I regret ( say) that I won't be able to come to the party , but I hope you have a
great time.
76. I regret ( say )that We've decided not to offer you the job.
77. I regret (say) that I don't like your new boy friend.
78. He remembered (see) Jane on the way home from work.
79. She remembered ( send) her mother a birthday card.
80. He went on ( talk) about himself for hours and hours .
81. She was very angry with him for forgetting ( lock) the back door.
82. The Professor mentioned Botticelli, and went on (talk) about Renaissance.
83. I've tried (open) the bonnet , but it seems to be stuck.
84. Have you tried (clean) the spark plugs?
85. I'll never forget (see) the Taj Mahal for the first.
86. I think we ought to stop (have) something to eat soon.
87. They stopped (go) out in the evening when they had their first child.
88. Your business is a complex shambles-the whole thing needs (reorganise).
89. I meant ( write) him a letter of condolence, but I never got round to it.
90. If you do join the Navy, it'll mean(be) away from home for months on end.
91. I've always regretted (not learn) to play the piano at school.
92. I dread (think) what he's going to say when he finds out I've crashed the car.
93. I need (have) a word in your ear. It's about your trip to Italy nextweek.
94. The house is a wreck. If you buy it , it'll mean (live) in chaos for months.
95. After three months without work, he regretted (leave) his safe job at the bank.
96. She dreaded (have) to see her ex-husband again in court.
97. They don't allow (smoke) in the auditorium, they don't want (risk) setting on
98. Your hair needs (cut). 99.Please stop (ask) me such stupid questions.
100. I didn't mean (upset) you.
101. He remembers part of her childhood quite clearly.

He remembers (go ) to school for the first time.
Complete each sentence with one of these verbs :
answer, apply, be, be, listen, make, see, try, use, wash, work, write, cause, escape,
go, help, interrupt, live, play, solve, spend, walk.
1. He tried to questions.
2. Could you please much noise?
3. I music.
4. I considered...........for the job but in the end I decided against it.
5. Have you finished............your hair yet?
6. If you walk into the road without looking, you risk.........knocked down.
7. Jim is 65 but he isn't going to retire yet. He wants to carry on........... .
8. I don't mind you...........the phone as long as you pay for all your calls.
9. Hello! here! What a surprise!
10. I've put off............the letter so many times. I really must do it today.
11. What a stupid thing to do! Can you imagine stupid?
12. Sarah gave find a job in this country and decided to go abroad.
13. Do you feel like...........out this evening?
14. It took us a long time but we finally succeeded in ............the problem.
15. I've always dreamed a small house by the sea.
16. The driver of the other car accused me of.............the accident.
17. There was a fence around the lawn to stop people from............on the grass.
18. Forgive me but may I ask you some questions?
19. Where are you thinking of............your holiday this year?
20. The guards weren't able to prevent the prisoner from............. .
21. I wanted to cook the meal by myself but Dave insisted
22. I'm sorry we've had to cancel our game of tennis tomorrow. I was really
looking forward to.......... .
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