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Name:..................................... Class:..................................
I. Listen to what they say and decide if the statements are true( T) or false
( F ) (skills 2 – unit 7) (2p).
1. Nicolas gets up too late to have a real breakfast. ______________
2. It’s difficult to buy his lunch at the school canteen. ______________
3. He’s considering changing his eating habits. ______________
4. Both Maya and her brother have good eating habits. ______________
5. She cooks dinner for her family. ______________
II. Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences ( 2,5p).
1. Can you turn _________ the TV? I want to see the film.
A. on              B. off            C. for            D. in
2. In most social situations where people of acquaintance meet each other, ___________way of greeting is allowed
A. formal
B. informal
C. serious
D. artificial

3. My sister has been living in Da Lat for two years; _________, she has never been to Than Tho Lake.
A. however B. although C .if D. because
4. My father shouted at me, ____________made me feel sorrowful
A. that
B. who
C. whose
D. which

5. The football match was postponed _________the bad weather.
A. despite B. in spite C. because       D. because of
6. If we use water ____________, more people will have clean water
A. care
B. careless
C. carefully
D. carelessly

7. I felt quite _______ with my day’s work.
A. satisfy B. satisfactory C. satisfied D. satisfaction
8. The USA has a population of about 304 million, and it’s the third _____________country in the world.
A. smallest
B. largest
C. narrowest
D. highest

9. This newspaper _________ every day. It’s a daily newspaper.
A. is publishing      B. is published     C. publishes      D. publish
10. You have a ticket for the game, _____________?
A. do you
B. haven’t you
C. don’t you
D. have you

III. Supply the corect tense or form of the verb in parentheses ( 1,25p).
1. If I (have)____________________a lot of money, I would buy a new house.
2. Let’s (discuss) ____________________ the topic for the upcoming preservation.
3. Our teacher, Mrs Lan, (be) ______________________ill for two weeks.
4.We don’t like video chatting. We ẹnjoy ( work)______________F2F.
5. Which TV programme (you/watch) ______________________at 9 pm tomorrow ?
IV. Read the following passage and put a word in the box in each of the numbered blanks (1,25p).
library    work    students    schoolyard    beautiful    

The name of my school is Luong The Vinh Secondary school. It is a (1) _____  school. There are about eight hundred (2) _____  and more than forty teachers in my school. They (3) _____ very hard so that we can understand the lessons well. My school’s (4) _____ is very big. You can see all kinds of books in it. We also have a very large and clean (5) _____. Students play all kinds of games during their break time. My school is not big, but I love it very much.
V. Read the following passage and do the tasks below (1,75p).
Charles Dickens was one of the greatest writers in English Literature. He was born into a poor family in England. His father was a clerk in an office. It was a good job but he always spent more money than he earned, so he was often in debt. When Dickens was eleven years old, his father was put into prison because he could not pay his debts. At the age of twelve, Dickens was sent to work in a factory labeling bottles for six shillings a week.
When Dickens was sixteen, he worked for a newspaper, and soon became a good journalist. He also wrote many short stories and novels about London’s life. Many of his characters were poor and hungry people. Some of his novels have been translated into many different languages. His two novels “Oliver Twist” and “David Copperfield” are famous all over the world.
A.Choose the best answer A, B, C or D to complete the sentences:
1. Which of the following sentences is NOT true ?
A. Charles Dickens was born into a poor family in England.
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