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Người gửi: Trịnh Ngọc Cường
Ngày gửi: 09h:43' 01-05-2019
Dung lượng: 89.5 KB
Số lượt tải: 1341
Số lượt thích: 3 người (Vũ Tuấn Hoàng, Nguyễn Đức Tuệ, Nguyễn Bắc Lũng)
Phòng GD&ĐT

Thành phố
Môn: Tiếng Anh 8 -Chương trình thí điểm –Thời gian: 45 phút

Họ và tên: ................................................................... Lớp 8 ............ Trường THCS .........................................................

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Question I. Listen again to the conversation between Nick , Duong , and Chau. Circle the words and phrases as you hear them.
Problems 4.overcrowding
High yields 5.on television
The moon 6.bring unemployment
Question II. Listen and choose the right answer A, B , or C.
1.The first thing you see in Puzzling World is ________________.
A. Lake Wanaka B. the Learning Tower C. the spacious café
2.The illusion Room offers you ________________.
A.the picture of a learning tower
B. a collection of puzzles and games
C. a collection of 3-D holograms
3.Lake Wanaka is called ________________.
A. a natural attraction B. a natural paradise C. a beauty spot
4.At Lake Wanaka you can ________________.
A. bike and walk B. drive C. climb a mountain PART B: USE OF LANGUAGE
Question I. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.
1. A. wanted B. flooded C. destroyed D. erupted
2. A. invent B. debris C. helpless D. news
Question II. Circle the word which has different stress pattern from the others.
1. A. competitive B. opportunity C. repetitive D. unhealthy
2. A. destroy B. erupt C. earthquake D. disaster
Question III. Choose the best answer A, B , C or D.
1.Air__________, together with littering, is causing many problems in our cities today.
A. pollute B. pollution C. polluting D. polluted
2. The road in front of my office is always __________ when it rains heavily.
A. to flood B. flooding C. flood D. flooded
3. Singapore is famous for its __________ and green trees.
A. cleanliness B. cleanly C. cleaning D. clean
4. The roof of the building _____________ in a storm a few days ago.
A. damaged B. was damaged C. has damaged D. has been damaged

5. A severe tropical___________ is called a typhoon.
A. drought B. rain C. flood D. storm 6. If you were the president, what ____________you do to help the environment?
A. will B. did C. would D. do
7. A person who __________ the bagpipes is called a piper.
A. plays B. performs C. entertains D. does
8. Don’t drink that water. It’s __________.
A. damaged B. dumped C. contaminated D. clear
9. The team’s success was largely __________ to her efforts.
A. because B. due C. since D. however
10. All our English teachers are __________ speakers.
A. native B. original C. foreign D. official
Question III. Give the correct form of the following words
1. Factories (not dump) ______________waste into rivers if the government fines them heavily.
2.I (watch) ________________ a science fiction film on TV at 9 .00 tonight.
3. Many houses (destroy) ________________in the hurricane last night in Nghe An.
4. By the time the police came , the thief (leave) _______________
5. Don’t forget ( turn) _______________ off the lights before going to bed.
V. Give the correct form of the word .
1. Thomas Edison was one of the greatest______________of the world. ( invent) )
2. There are a lot of______________ differences . (culture )
3. ______________pollution has risen day by day. ( environment )
4. There have been major new ______________ in space reseach. ( develop )
5.My friend said he really enjoyed doing____________ experiments and finding out how things worked. (science)  
Question I. Complete the passage with the given
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