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12099162 Kính chào các thầy, cô. Khi cài đặt phần mềm , trên PowerPoint và Word sẽ mặc định xuất hiện menu Bộ công cụ Violet để thầy, cô có thể sử dụng các tính năng đặc biệt của phần mềm ngay trên PowerPoint và Word. Tuy nhiên sau khi cài đặt phần mềm , với nhiều máy tính sẽ...
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Người gửi: Hoa Lê
Ngày gửi: 19h:12' 05-12-2015
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Số lượt tải: 317
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KIỂM TRA 1 TIẾT LẦN 1 NĂM HỌC: 2015-2016
Môn: TiếngAnh – Lớp 10
Listen to the conversation and decide if the following statements are True (T) or False (F).
The man and the woman studied together
At first, the man doesn’t remember who the woman is
They live on the same dormitory
They are Bill and Monica
Now, the woman lives with her parents
The man lives in an apartment
His neighbors make him angry with noise
Choose the word that has underlined part pronounced differently from others.
1. A ____ person is one who cannot see anything.
A. dumb B. deaf C. poor D. blind
2. He used football when he was a child
A. to play B. have played C. played D. playing
4. My parents may not want to let me _____ the night away from home.
A. enjoy B. stay C. pass D. get
5. Without the Braille Alphabet, it would be very difficult for _____ to learn.
A. the disabled B. the deaf C. the mute D. the blind
6. My school is going to have some ______.
A. days off B. day off C. days on D. day on
7. I suggested we should ______ the lesson for another day.
A. put B. leave C. move D. get
8. My son invited me _______ down in front of the computer screen.
A. sitting B. to sit C. being sat D. to be sat
9. It is a ______ machine which speeds up calculations.
A. calculating B. calculated C. calculate D. calculation
10. It is a magical typewriter which allows you _______and print any kind of document.
A. to type B. typing C. type D. to typing
11. At first, there was a lot of ________ from the parents of the disabled children.
A. opposition B. opposite C. believe D. suspicious
13. The computer is capable _____ doing many things.
A. of B. on C. without D. with
14. Although I didn’t understand anything at all, I was _____ him to explain the problem again.
A. too shy to askC. such a shy that I askedB. so shy that I asked D. not shy enough to ask
15. She doesn’t mind _______ me with my exercises.
A. help B. to help C. helping D. helps
Choose the word that has the different underlined part.
A. retarded B. disabled C. provided D. repeated
A. prefer B. together C. higher D. gardener
A. computer B. floppy C. opposition D. glorious
Identify the one underlined word or phrase A, B, C or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.
Namused tosmokinga lot a few yearsago.. 51. B 52.A 53.C 54.D 55.A
Ihaven’t seenLinhsince shehas returnedthe countryside.
He enjoysto talkwith my classmates about their future plans.
Read and then choose the correct option to complete each blank
Human beings (1)____ to protect only the beautiful and non-threatening parts of our environment. We tend to pay more (2)____ to animals on land than any other large sea animals. Environmentalists have not done much enough to help save the Pacific Ocean sharks (3)____ population has decreased nearly to the point of extinction.
Sharks are among the oldest creatures on Earth, having survived in the seas for more than 350 million years. The fact that they have managed to live in the oceans for so many millions of years is enough proofs of their efficiency and adaptability to change environments. It is time (4)____ human beings to begin considering the protection of sharks as (5)____ important part of a program for protection of our natural environment.
A. seem B. make C. advise D. let
A. attention B. pleasure C. notice D. fun
A. whose B. whom C. that D. which
A. for B. for that C. for which D. when
A. an B. No article C. the D. a
Choose the correct answer - A, B, C, or
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