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1. Listen to a conversation between a man and a receptionist. Fill each of the gaps in the notes with no more than two words or a number. You will listen TWICE. (1pts)
MAYFAIR HOTEL - BOOKING FORM Name: Mark (1) ___________________. Phone number: (2) ___________________. Number of days: (3) ___________________. Number of guests: (4) ___________________. Price: $160  Note: Book a (5) ___________________ for him.

2. Listen to a conversation between two friends about a neighbourhood. Fill each of the gaps with ONE word. You will listen TWICE. (1pts)
Jollyland is a (1) ______ neighbourhood in the heart of the city. The streets are picturesque, full of (2) ______ old shops in gorgeous buildings. As there’s so much to do within (3) ______ distance, you won’t need to use a car very often. There’s the usual variety of bars, restaurants, (4) ______ and so on that you’d expect in a city. For families, there are great parks, an excellent (5) ______ library and good schools close by. In Jollyland, there’s a real sense of (6) ______. The locals, a mix of original residents and new arrivals, say it’s almost like living in a village.

B. Vocabulary and language focus
I.Find the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. (1pts)
1.A. frame B.artisan C. attraction D.handicraft
2.A.drumhead B.cultural C.pollution
3. A.weave B.please C.seafood D.clear
4.A.affordable B.forbidden C.metropolitan D.cosmopolitan
II.Choose the best option to complete each sentence. Circle A, B or C.(2pts)
1.The flower was ______ out of a single piece of valuable wood.
A.carved B.moulded C.cast D.given
2.In this town, they ______ all the frames in steel.
A.make B.have C.mould D.cast
3.She is skilled at _______cloth. B.weaving C.doing D.carving
4.I love going to this place ______ it’s the quietest place in the city. B.despite order to D.because
5. What time will you _______ for Da Lat?
A.set off B.set up with D.look through
6.They keep changing the decoration of the shop ____ they can attract more young people. that B.because C.although D.when
7.______ she’s young, she’s the most famous artisan in the village.
A.When B.Although C.Whereas D.In order to
8. .______there are modern knitting machines, the artisans in my village like using traditional looms.
A. So that B. In spite of C. Despite D. Although
III.Complete each sentence using a verb from the box.(1pts)
get up turned down passed down turn up

1.The craft of basket weaving is usually __________from generation to generation
2.What time does your mother usually _________ in the morning?
3.I invited her to join our trip to Trang An, but she __________ my invitation.
4. We arranged to meet in front of the lantern shop at 8 o’clock, but she didn’t ______

IV. Match the phrasal verbs with their meaning and write Vietnamese meaning.(1pt)
0.get up A.have enough money to live 0. E : ngủ dậy
1.come back B. have a good relationship with somebody 1. ... : _________
2.close down C. return 2.... : _________ on D. stop doing business 3.... : _________
4.get on with E. get out of bed 4.... : _________

V.Read the text and answer the questions.(1pts)
Last month, we went to Doi Tam, a village famous for its drum making techniques, in Ha Nam Province. The craft was first introduced to the village in the 8th or 9th century
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