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Ngày gửi: 20h:13' 25-03-2019
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(Thờigian 90 phút)

Question 1: Choose the word whose part underlined is pronounced differently from the others in each group.
A. helped B. liked C. watched D. hated.
A. laugh B. plough C. enough D. cough
A. beds B. doors C. students D. plays
A. but B. cut C. sun D. put
A. candy B. sandy C. many D. handy
Question 2: Supply the correct form of the verb in brackets.
Over the years, he (collect) thousands of stamps.
I` ll never forget (see) her for the first time.
It is difficult to get used to (eat) with chopsticks
Would you like some coffee? I just (make) some.
Look at those black clouds. It (rain)
That house (rebuild) in 1996.
This bike (use) for more than six years.
He should know how (use) the lift, but if he doesn`t you`d better (show) him
The kids (sleep) when the bell rang.
Listen! The teacher (explain) the lesson.
What about (play) basketball this afternoon?
MrsLan (not be) in her room at the moment. She (cook) in the kitchen.
Question 3: Choose the word or phrase that best complete each sentence.
He is looking forward to England .
A. travel B. travelling C. be travelling D. A and B
Margaret is a good ............. He can type 60 words per minute.
A. typer B. type C. typist D. typewriter. today.
A. A sun B. The sun C. A sun`s D. The sun`s
What is your teacher ............?
A. like B.alike C. liking D. does like.
A the person who sells flowers.
A. florist B. chemist C. vendor D. chauffeur
If you want to have a table made , you must call a ..........
A. mechanic B. plumber C. carpenter D. fortune-teller
My dress is very different ...........yours.
A. with B. from C. as D. towards
.................beautiful flowers!
A. What a B. What C. How D. So
...............happens, I shall stand by you.
A. Whatever B. What C. Which D. That
Ha Noi is of Vietnam.
A. an B. a C. the D.x
This town is not an interesting place to visit, so .............tourists come here.
A. a few B. few C. a little D. x
Nobody is ready to go,.....................?
A. isnt he B. is he C. are they D. aren`t they
He has little sparetime.
A. free B. occupied C. busy D. filled
John`s a handsome guy.
A. kind B. good C. good-looking D. interesting
I don’t like to work for my wife`s mother.
mother of my wife B. mother of my wife`s
C. mother-in-law D. mother of mine
Question 4: Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D ) for each space
Jeans are very popular with young people all (1)...........the world. Some people say that jeans are the "uniform" of (2) ............ But they haven`t always been popular. The story of jeans started (3) ...........two hundred years ago. People in Genoa, Italy made pants. The cloth (4) Genoa was called "jeanos". The pants were called "jeans". In 1850, a salesman (5) ..........California began selling pants made of canvas. His name was Levi Strauss. (6) ..............they were so strong, "Levi`s pants" became (7) ........with gold miners; farmers and cowboys. Six years (8)............; Levis began making his pants with blue cotton (9) ............called denim. Soon after, factory workers in the United States and Europe began (10) .........jeans.
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