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Ngày gửi: 09h:58' 22-12-2019
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Trường THCS………..

(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Find the word the underlined part is pronounced differently. (5 pts)
1.A.light B. like C. lit D. lifebuoy
2.A.stay B. chance C. occasion D. amaze
3.A.power B. tore C. more D. saw B. honey C. love D. lose
5.A.fell B. mail C. shell D. best
II. Find down the mistakes and correct them: (10 pts)
6.I used to sit next to a man who his name is Michael Faraday. ……………….. …………………
7.I’d rather typing is letter than write it because it faster. ……………….. …………………
8.He drives too fast that no one likes to ride with him. ……………….. …………………
9.The novel writing by Mark Twain attracts a lot of children. ……………….. …………………
10.Thank you very much for you letter who came yesterday. ……………….. …………………
III.Choose A,B,C or D to complete the following sentences:(10 pts)
11.When________ a dictionary, you need to be able to understand the symbols and the abbreviations it contains.A. having used B. use C. to use D. using
12.How can I know________ book is yours? - They are so alike.
A. what B. which C. this D. the
13. ________ Paul brings the money for lunch, we’ll go right down to the cafeteria.
A. Since B. As soon as C. Now that D. Until
14.If I________ you, I’d take some rest before the game tomorrow.
A. am B. could be C. were D. would be
15.You have never been to NhaTrang________?
A. have you B. haven’t C. you have D. you haven’t
16.She will visit us as soon as she arrives________ Paris.
A. at B. in C. on D. to
17.The smaller the room is, the________ furniture it needs.
A. fewer B. small C. more D. less
18.The secretary to________ I talked didn’t know where the meeting was.
A. which B. who C. that D. whom
19. I find the time of English meals very strange. I’m not used________ dinner at 5 pm.
A. to have B. to having C. having D. have
20.I have to be present at eight o’ clock and so________.
A. are you B. have you C. do you D. you do
IV. Complete each sentence with an appropriate form of the word in the brackets.(10 pts)
21.In some areas, water has to be boiled to(pure)_______ it.
22.Although her visit was(expect)_______, we made her welcome as the same.
23.I know all the boys in my(neighbor)______________.
24.He doesn’t agree with the (believe)_______ that there is life on other planets.
25.He examined the parcel(suspect)_______, as he had no idea what it could be.
26.All the courses(begin)_______ in January will finish in June.
27.A letter should always end with the(sign)_______ of the writer.
28.It is really quite(ordinary)_______ that we should have been at the same college.
29.There is a great(similar)_______ between Harris and his twin brother.
30.With a good(describe)_______ of the criminal from witness, the police were able to find easily.
V. Choose the best answer A,B,C or D to complete this passage.(10 pts)
These days it is impossible to open a newspaper(31)______ reading about the damage we are doing to the environment. The earth is being threatened(32)______ the future looks bad(33)______ can each of us do?
We cannot clean(34)______ our polluted rivers and seas overnight. Now we can stop the(35)______ of plants and animals. But we can stop adding to the problem(36)______ scientists look for answer.
It may not be easy to
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