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Ngày gửi: 09h:58' 22-12-2019
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(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Find the word the underlined part is pronounced differently. (5 pts)
1. A. this B. that C. think D. there
2. A. look B. food C. took D. loose
3. A. define B. decline C. determine D. mine
4. A. means B. meant C. bean D. clean
5. A. wondered B. arrived C. relied D. laughed
II.Choose A,B,C or D to complete the following sentences:(15 pts)
6. ________ I carry that bag for you? - Oh, thank you.
A. Do B. Shall C. Will D. Would
7. When Jane came to England, she had to get used________ on the left.
A. to drive B. driving C. to driving D. drive
8. This is the first time I________ Thailand.
A. has visited B. visit C. visited D. have visited
9. Would you mind if I________ a photo?
A. take B. took C. would take D. am going to take
10. There is nothing to prevent the children________ playing here.
A. from B. of C. away D. to
11. What is the________ of your country? - 75,000.000 people
A. introduction B. population C. separation D. addition
12. She isn`t__________ well with the new manager.
A. going on B. getting on C. keeping on D. taking on
13. Don’t shout, dear. I can’t________ the shout!
A. stand B. sit C. listen D. hear
14. He laughs________ of her funny face.
A. because B. since C. as D. for
15. We are going to________ our 20th wedding. Please stay and come.
A. occur B. celebrate C. do D. parade
16. They felt________ when Tet was coming near.
A. excitement B. excited C. excitedly D. exciting
17. Nam________ to the sea when she lived in Hai Phong.
A. goes B. has gone C. used to go D. is going
18. They________ me if I could speak Japanese.
A. told B. said C. talked D. asked
19. Let’s go to the post office, ________?
A. shall we B. will we C. do we D. did we
20. Don’t make me upset, ________?
A. shall you B. do you C. did you D. will you
III.Fill in each blank with a suitable preposition.(10 pts)
21. I’m looking forward_________ seeing you in June‘
22. Could I help you_________ your luggage?
23. Would you mind sitting_________ the front seat of the taxi?
24. Ha Long Bay is recognized_________ UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
25. John is interested_________ the history of Vietnam.
26. She is thinking_________ importing flowers from Vietnam.
27. He realized his alarm clock didn’t go_________.
28. Everyone fell_________ the deep and dangerous water.
29. What’s the weather_________?
30. We went_________ a 10-day tour of central Africa.
IV.Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.(10 pts)
31. I had my trousers__________ because they were too short. long
32. UFO means__________ Flying Object. identify
33. He is so__________! No wonder he has no friends. agree
34. He felt very__________ when he saw he had failed the exam again. courage
35. A__________ child can hardly feed himself. able
36. Compost is a wonderful__________. It helps plants grow. fertilize
37. Linda is one of the__________ from Friends of
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