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 Choose the best answer
1.Mrs Lien is one of our regular customers .
A. experiments B.experiences C. clients D. arrangement
2. I can't reach him by phone.
A. arrive at B. achieve C. contact D. come to
3.Do you remember Daisy? I ran ______ her on the way to work.
A. in B. across C. by D. down
4. Luckily, the rain ______ so we were able to play the match.
A. watered down B. gave out C. held off D. got away
5. I asked Angela to run the office while I'm gone _______ I know I can
depend on her.
A. unless B. although C. therefore D. since
6. Michael got surprisingly high grades in the final exam. He ______ his
lessons very carefully.
A. must have revised B. can't have revised
C. should have revised D. needn't have revised
7.Be sure to _____ a real effort to answer all the s the interviewer asks you.
A. hide B. set C. make D. train
8. We regret to tell you that the materials you ordered are ______.
A. out of practice B. out of stock C. out of reach D. out of work
9. I suggest our rooms ______ before Tet Holiday.
A. be decorated B.should decorate decorated D. were decorated
10.Gerry didn't go on the expedition – he made up that part of the story.
A. narrated B. invented C. unfolded D. recounted
11.I do not mind your using my bike ______ you take care of it.
A. although B.for the fear that C. provided that D. unless
12. He spent the entire night thinking and in the end ______ a brilliant idea.
A. came up to B. came up with C. catch up with D. get through to
13.He refused to ___ to the local customs, which caused him a lot of troubles.
A. conform B. resist C. hinder D. obey
14.The bank will insist you produce a driving _________ or passport as a
form of ID.
A. certificate B. degree C. licence D. diploma
15. Nobody took any ______ of the warning and they went swimming in the
contaminated water.
A. information B. attention C. sight D. notice
16. My mother doesn't ______ eye to eye with my father sometimes.
A. glance B. see C. look D. agree
17. The student was very bright. He could solve all the math problems.
A. He was so bright a student that he could solve all the math problem.
B. Such bright was the student that he could solve all the math problem.
C. He was such bright student that he could solve all the math problem.
D. The student was very bright that he could solve all the math problem.
18. Though I persuaded my boss to solve a very serious problem in the new
management system, he just made light of it.
A. disagreed with B. discovered by chance
C. completely ignored D. treated as important
19. On Saturday wearing uniforms is optional so I often choose T-shirt and
A. compulsory B. voluntary C.uncomfortable D. acceptable

In the history of technology, computers and calculators were innovative developments. They are essentially different from all other machines because they have a memory. This memory stores instructions and information. In a calculator, the instructions are the various functions of arithmetic, which are permanently remembered by the machine and cannot be altered or added to.
The information consists of the numbers which are keyed in.
An electronic pocket calculator can perform almost instant arithmetic. A calculator requires an input unit to feed in numbers, a processing unit to make the calculation, a memory unit, and an output unit to display the result. The calculator is powered by a small battery or by a panel of solar cells. Inside is a microchip that contains the memory and processing units and also controls the input unit, which is the keyboard, and the output unit, which is the display.
The input unit has keys for numbers and operations. Beneath the key is a printed circuit board containing a set of contacts for each key. Pressing a key closes the contacts and sends a signal along a pair of lines in the circuit board to the processing unit, in which the binary code for that key is stored in the memory. The processing unit also sends the code to the display. Each key is connected by a different pair of lines to the processing unit, which repeatedly checks the lines to find out when a pair is linked by a key.
The memory unit stores the arithmetic instructions for the processing unit and holds the temporary results that occur during calculation. Storage cells in the memory unit hold the binary codes for the keys that have been pressed.
The number codes, together with the operation code for the plus key, are held in temporary cells until the processing unit requires them.
When the equal key is pressed, it sends a signal to the processing unit. This takes the operation code - for example, addition - and the two numbers being held in the memory unit and performs the operation on the two numbers. After the addition is done, the result goes to the decoder in the calculator's microchip. This code is then sent to the liquid crystal display unit, which shows the result, or output, of the calculation.
20. What is the main purpose of the passage?
A.To discuss innovative developments in technology
B.To compare computers and calculators with other machines
C.To summarize the history of technology
D.To explain how a calculator works
21.What can be inferred about machines that are not calculators or computers?
A.They cannot store information in a memory.
B.They are less expensive than computers.
C.They are older than computers.
D.They have simple memory and processing units.
22. The word “innovative” in paragraph 1 could best replaced by ______.
A. important B. recent C. revolutionary D. complicated
23. In what part of the calculator are the processing and memory units?
A.The output unit B.The microchip C.The solar cells D. The battery
24. According to the passage, one function of the memory unit is ______.
A. to alter basic arithmetic instructions
B. to store temporary results during calculation
C. to control the keyboard
D. to send codes to the display unit
25. The word “This” in paragraph 5 refers to ______.
A. the equal key B. the plus key
C. the memory unit D. the processing unit
26. The word “contacts” in paragraph 3 is closest in meaning to ______.
A. commands B. locations C. codes D. connections
27. Which of the following statement is NOT TRUE about calculators?
A. Calculator and computers have a memory.
B. Calculators require a lot of instructions to operate quickly.
C. Sending codes takes place only in the memory unit of a calculator.
D. Pressing a key activates a calculator.

Newspapers and television news programs always seem to report about the bad things happening in society. However, there is a place where readers can find some good news. That place is the website called HappyNews. The man behind HappyNews is Byron Reese. Reese set up HappyNews because he thought other news sources were giving people an unbalanced view of the world. Reese said about HappyNews, “The news media gives you a distorted view of the world by exaggerating bad news, misery, and despair. We're trying to balance out the scale.”
Not everyone agrees with Reese's view, though. Many people think that news sources have a responsibility to provide news that is helpful to people. People need to know about issues or problems in today's society. Then they are better able to make informed decisions about things that affect their daily lives. Reese said that HappyNews is not trying to stop people from learning about issues or problems. HappyNews is just trying to provide a balanced picture of today's world. By the end of its first month online, HappyNews had more than 70,000 unique readers. About 60 percent of those readers were women. Something else unique makes HappyNews different from any of the other news or information websites that are on the Internet. Unlike many other websites, Happy News gets fan mail from its readers on a daily basis.
28. Which of the following is the best title for this passage?
A.“Newspapers vs. Online News”
B.“Why Women Like HappyNews”
C.“Good News for a Change”
D.“Byron Reese Tells People How to Be Happy”
29. How is HappyNews different than other news sources?
A.Its stories are not about bad things.
B.The website only has stories about women.
C.All of the stories are written by Reese.
D.HappyNews does not exaggerate its stories.
30. The word “they” in paragraph 2 refers to ______.
A. problems B. people C. sources D. issues
31. Why might some people NOT like HappyNews?
A. Reese's stories are about misery and despair.
B. Some sources give a balanced view.
C. The stories are from around the world.
D. It doesn't tell them about important issues or problems.
32. What does “exaggerating” mean in this reading?
A. improving B. worsening C. explaining D. editing

Mobile phones emit microwave radio emissions. Investigators are questioning whether exposure to these radio waves might (33) ______ to brain cancer. So far, the figures are not final. The precise evidence does not enable us to say in certain that mobile phones are definitely safe. On the other hand, recent research has not yet (34) ______ clear adverse effect associated with the prolonged use of mobile phones. Many studies are now going (35) ______ in numerous countries. Some of the results are contradictory but the others have shown an association between mobile phone use and cancer. However, these studies are preliminary and the issue need further, long – term investigation.
(36) ______ the scientific data is more definite, it is advisable for people to try not to use mobile phone for long periods of time. Don't think that hands free phones are any safer either. At the moment, research is in fact showing the opposite and they may be just as hazardous. It is also thought that young people (37) ______ bodies are still growing may be at particular risk.
33.A. bring B. cause C. produce D. lead
34.A. created B. demonstrated C. proved D. caused
35.A. through B. on C. about D. by
36.A. When B. Until C. Provide D. As
37.A. whose B. that C. with D. as
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