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Người gửi: Đỗ Văn Bình (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 12h:13' 05-03-2019
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(Thờigian 90 phút)

I. Which one is different?(1pt)
1. A.weight B. height C.width D. heavy
2. A. painful B.tall C. record D. difficult.
3. A. took B. gave C. kept D. called
4. A. balanced B.unhealthy C. sensibly D. moderate
5.A education B. definitely C. entertainment D.anniversary
II. Choose the best answer (5 pts)
1. We enjoy______ around the world.
A. travel B. to travel C. travelled D. travelling
2. Vietnamese students have______ vacations than American students.
A. fewer B. longer C. most D. less
3. She needed______ these postcards to her friends.
A. sending B. to send C. sends D. sent
4. My father______ me a letter two days ago.
A. write B. wrote C. writed D. written
5. Are you scared______ seeing the dentist.
A. at B. in C of D. to
6. Remember______ your teeth are teeth.
A. brush B. to brush C. brushing D. brushed
7. Clean teeth are______ teeth.
A. health B. healthy C. unhealthy D. unhealth
8. You______ go to school because of your headache.
A. had not better B. had better not
C. not had better D. better had not
9. I ate bread and eggs for breakfast, ______.
A. neither did Nam B. so did Nam
C. either did I D. too did Nam
10. You shouldn’t drink coffee______.
A. I don’t either B. I shouldn’t either
C. neither shouldn’t I D. I should either
11. _________________ Two days ago
A. When do you bought this dress?B. When did you bought this dress?
C. When did you buy this dress?D. When were you buy this dress?
12. __________________ I’m one meter forty five centimeters.
A. How hight are you? B. How height are you?
C. What is your high? D. What is your height?
13. Nam bought______ meat for lunch.
A. many B. a few C. a little D. much
14. Would you open your mouth, please?
A. yes, please B. Yes, let’s C. No, thanks D. yes, I did
15. ______ do they cost? They cost 15.000 dong.
A. How often B. How many C. How much D. How long
16. Why______ you absent yesterday, Hoa.
A. did B. do C. were D. was
17. Your teeth aren’t strong and white. You should _____
A. don’t go to the dentist
B. not go to the dentist
C. go to the dentist
D. went to the dentist
18.I would like______ to the movies tonight?
A. to go B.going C. went D. go
19. A______ diet is good for your health.
A. balanced B. balances C. balance D. balancal
20. The medicines______ the pain in my chest.
A.relieved B. prevented C. preventing D. protected
III.Read the passage then choose a suitable word and fill in the blank then do True (T) or False (F)(2,5 pts)
You are feeling weak. You’ve got a headache and pain in your back and limbs. Your temperature is up over 380 C. You may sweat a lot and don’t want(1)______. Those symptoms show that you’ve got flu.
There’re no quick cure for flu because when you have flu you have a virus. You don’t have to see the doctor because medicines can’t (2)______ the flu. They just relieve the symptoms. You’ll feel better after a few days. So what should you do when you’ve got flu? You’d (3)______ stay indoors and keep warm. Besides, you
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