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I. Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct word(s) for each of the blanks.
The warming of the Pacific Ocean has created weather patterns (1)___ strongly affect the world. When the water is warm, the (2)_ of rainfall in Indonesia and the surrounding regions decreases. Australia could (3)__ experience a drought in many parts. On (4)__ hand, Chile (which borders the Pacific Ocean) is preparing for (5)__ rainstorms. In Pakistan and northwestern India, the weather pattern makes the rainy season weaker and makes the area much drier. This happening is called El Nino and is used (6)__ weather forecasters to make long-range weather predictions. They also know that El Nino will (7)__ unusually heavy rains to the south western part of the United States and make the central part of the country drier at the same time. According to research, weather forecasters (8)___ know about the coming weather with certainty. Now everything has become completely different. El Nino itself used to be (9)______. It would occur every two to seven years. But now, this weather pattern is becoming more frequent. We cannot say when and how often tornadoes or cyclones(lốc xoáy) occur. Scientists are unsure of the reason for this (10)______ on a global scale either.
Question 1: A. that B. what C. when D. whether
Question 2: A. amount B. figure C. number D. deal
Question 3: A. even B. ever C. nevertheless D. however
Question 4: A. others B. other C. the other D. another
Question 5: A. severe B. cruel C. strict D. angry
Question 6: A. on B. by C. to D. at
Question 7: A. carry B. fetch C. bring D. take
Question 8: A. used to B. get used to C. are used to D. used to be
Question 9: A. notable B. remarkable C. predictable D. incredible
Question 10: A. change B. transfer C. transformation D. shift
II. Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
Question 11: ______ entering the hall, he found everyone waiting for him.
A. On B. At C. With D. Of
Question 12: That pipe ______ for ages - we must get it mended.
A. has been leaking B. is leaking C. had been leaking D. leaks
Question 13: - “Is it all right if I use your bike?” - “______”
A. I don’t care. B. Sure, go ahead. C. Oh, forget it. D. I accept it.
Question 14: You need more exercise - you should ______ jogging.
A. try on B. take up C. carry out D. hold up
Question 15: - “You look nervous! ______” - “This thunder scares me to death.”
A. How are you? B. Why’s that? C. Come on! D. What’s wrong?
Question 16: Car crashes are almost always accidental, but on rare occasions they may be ______.
A. deliberate B. determined C. aware D. meant
Question 17: - “Today’s my 20th birthday.” - “______”
A. Take care! B. Many happy returns! C. Have a good time! D. I don’t understand.
Question 18: The car had a(n) ______ tyre, so we had to change the wheel.
A. bent B. flat C. cracked D. injured
Question 19: There’s little ______ of foreign news in today’s paper.
A. information B. coverage C. column D. article
Question 20: You should make a(n) ______ to overcome this problem.
A. trial B. impression C. effort D. apology
Question 21: Don’t touch that wire or you’ll get an
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