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Nguồn: AA
Người gửi: Phạm Thanh Yên (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 15h:54' 14-12-2014
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Which one is pronounced differently?
A. there B. thanks C. they D. those
A. information B. will C. consuming D. high
A. parents B. ten C. when D. mend
A. around B. how  C. bought D. found
A. friends B. collected C. many D. stamps
Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences.
Music and painting are ________ subjects.
A. option B. optional C. optionally D. optioning
The children are playing ________ in the schoolyard.
A. happy B. happily C. happiner D. happiness
I wish they ________ here tomorrow.
A. will come B. would come C. come D. came
Vietnamese women prefer to wear morden clothing ________work.
A. at B. in C. to D. with
Peter got ________ quickly and went to school.
A. dress B. dressed C. dressing D. dresses
It’s ________ to call anyone at night.
A. convernience B. inconvernience C. convernient D. inconvernient
It rains heavily,________I can’t go to the movies with you.
A. and B. but C. because D. so
My father ________ teaching in a small village 10 years ago.
A. start B. started C. has started D. is starting
Minh wishes he ________ a new bike soon.
A. would have B. has C. had D. will have
You will pass the exam________you study hard.
A. but B. and C. if D. unless
I met him ________ the entrance to the village.
A. on B. at C. in D. under
Do you collect stamps or other things? – Yes, I’m a stamp________.
A. collection B. collector C. collected D. collecting
Let’s dance together, ________? The party is so wonderful.
A. shall we B. shan’t we C. will you D. won’t you
He thinks that ________on the internet is a waste of time.
A. chatting B. to chatting C. chating D. to chating
There is an interesting ________about life in the Arctic.
A. news B. documentary C. service D. entertainment
Choose the underlined parts that need correcting.
Nam work as a teacher at Nguyen Tri Phuong School.
He avoids to travel during rush hours.
Dennis used to smoking a lot a year ago.
This problem has been discuss by the police for several months.
We will going to spend our summer holiday in Da Lat next month.
. A B C D
Rewrite the sentences with the same meanings.
“ Do you still live in Hanoi now?” Nam said to me.
( Nam asked me
Does your brother use the Internet every day?
( Your brother
They will have to change the day of the meeting again.
( The day
The boy can’t speak to the visitors because he doesn’t know French.
( The boy wishes
We no longer write to each other very often now.
( We used
My parents have given me an interesting book.
( I
Supply a suitable preposition to each blank.
Mai was late ________ school because she got________ late.
If we go there we can live________ a domitory________ campus.
I am interested ________ learning English and I’d like some information________ your school.
Read the letter carefully then answer the questions below.
Dear Mai,
I am very pleased that we are going to be penpals. I will tell you a little about myself and you can do the same when you write to me.
I live in an area of London called Maida Vale. It is quite near the center but there are parks nearby where I often take my dog, Mickey, for a walk. I live with my parents and my younger brother, Paul. My father works for the post office and my mother has a part- time job as a nurse.
I go to the local comprehensive school, Where I have a lot of friends. I like most subjects but not all of them. In the evening I sometimes visit friends or stay at home and listen to music and at weekends I like going swimming or horse-
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