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END-OF-TERM TEST (60 minutes)

Questions 1 - 5: Identify the intonation of the following questions by putting the rising marks (() or falling marks (().
1. Lan’s parents must be very proud of her.
2. Teenagers don’t like talking about their schoolwork.
3. Do you often have to spend much money on books?
4. What does Tom often do in the evening?
5. Can students with disabilities attend this event?

Questions 6 – 13: Circle the correct option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each of the following sentences.
6. People _________ the right skills always have big advantages in the job market.
A. of B. about C. for D. with
7. So far, people _________ nearly $150,000 to help Virginia flood victims.
A. donate C. are donating
B. donated D. have donated
8. Many students with visual impairments cannot participate _________ in school activities.
A. fulfill B. fulfilling C. full D. fully
9. It was impossible _________ because of the noise.
A. slept B. sleeping C. sleep D. to sleep
10. Group work is a great way to help disabled people _________ their self-esteem.
A. built B. building C. being built D. build
11. Would you mind _________ the visual aids for our presentation on ASEAN? I’ll work with the script.
A. prepare B. to prepare C. prepared D. preparing
12. His decision to quit the job _________ all of us.
A. surprise B. is surprised C. surprising D. surprised
13. Don’t treat me like a patient any more! Unlike yesterday, I _________ very well today.
A. was B. have been C. will be D. am being

Questions 14 – 21: Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words in brackets.
14. I live in an ______________ family with my grandparents, my parents, two aunts and three uncles. (EXTEND)
15. Why don’t you take the initiative and engage your classmates in ______________ conversations? (FRIEND)
16. Good time management skills can help build your ______________ and self-esteem. (INDEPENDENT)
17. The ______________ rate has doubled in the past five years, placing a heavy burden on the national budget. (EMPLOY)
18. James is very ________________ - he makes decisions quickly and confidently. (DECIDE)
19. A loving family environment gives children a sense of ______________. (STABLE)
20. The advantages of living with your parents ______________ its disadvantages. (WEIGH)
21. An excellent ______________ skill is advantageous for the position of a sales manager. (PERSON)


Circle the correct option (A, B, C, or D) to complete each of the following dialogues.
(22) __________________________________________________

I supposed it’s just a matter of time. As they grow up, they will be less dependent.

How to make our kids more independent, James?
When can we go on holiday, James?
Kids say their homework is stressful.
What is the most important task of parents?

James: Shall I pick you up at 6:00 for the movie?
My: (23)____________________________ go by myself. My class finishes at 5:45, so I’d
better go straight to the cinema centre.
If you wouldn’t mind, I…
It doesn’t really matter.
Don’t worry. I can ....
That’s very kind of you, but actually…

Patrick: I believe that education should be free for everyone.
Young-Il: (24)__________________________
No sweat.
Credits should go to Mr Nam.
I couldn’t agree with you more.
Don’t worry. I’ll do that.

Section 1: You will hear three short conversations. There is one question for each conversation. For questions 25 – 27, circle the right answer (A, B, or C). You will hear each conversation twice.
25. What colour will they paint the living room? A. Grey B. White C. Light green 26. What does he most dislike about air travel? A. Bad weather conditions B. Security checks C. Small space to stretch his legs 27. What is the best place to see the dawn in Hanoi? A. The Sword Lake B. The Huc Bridge C. The West Lake

Section 2: Listen to a radio programme about ASEAN
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