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Ngày gửi: 20h:40' 16-10-2021
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Choose A, B, C or D that best completes the sentences.
1. Do you want to stop in this town, or shall we _______?
A. turn on B. turn off C. go on D. look after
2. Who will ________ the children while you go out to work?
A. look for B. look up C. look after D. look at
3. Please ________ the light, it’s getting dark here.
A. turn on B. turn off C. turn over D. turn into
4. The nurse has to _________ the patients at the midnight.
A. look after B. look up C. look at C. look for
5. There is an inflation. The prices __________.
A. are going on B. are going down C. are going over D. are going up
6. Remember to _______ your shoes when you are in a Japanese house.
A. take care B. take on C. take over D. take off
7. You can __________ the new words in the dictionary.
A. look for B. look after C. look up D. look at
8. It’s cold outside. __________ your coat.
A. Put on B. Put down C. Put off D. Put into
9. 15.If you want to be healthy, you should__________ your bad habits in your lifestyles.
A give up B call off C break down D get over
10. Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today.
A. do B. let C. delay D. leave
11. My father still hasn’t really recovered from the death of my mother.
A. looked after B. taken after C. gone off D. got over
12. The bomb exploded with a loud bang which could be heard all over the town.
A. went on B. went out C. went off D. went away
13. John, could you look after my handbag while I go out for a minute.
A. take part in B. take over C. take place D. take care of
14. Bill seems unhappy in his job because he doesn’t get _______ his boss.
A. up to B. on for C. on well with D. in with
15. Why do they ______ talking about money all the time?
A. keep on B. give up C. take after D. stop by
16. My father gave up smoking two years ago.
A. liked B. continued C. stopped D. enjoyed
17. The government hopes to _________ its plans for introducing cable TV.
A. turn out B. carry out C. carry on D. keep on
18. When the tenants failed to pay their bill, the authorities decided to _____ the gas supply to the flat.
A. cut down B. cut out C. cut off D. cut up
19. Choose the underlined part need correcting:
“Please turn up the radio, I can’t concentrate on my work”
20.You go on ahead and then I’ll catch _____ you.
A. along with B. forward to C. up with D. on to
21. I was born in Scotland but I ________ in Northern Ireland.
A. grew up B. raised C. brought up D. rose
22. How do you start the computer?
A. How does the computer turn on?
B. How do you turn on the computer?
C. How do you turn the computer on?
D. Both B and C are correct
23. I/ not accept/ offer/ turn down/
A. I couldn’t accept his offer to avoid turning down him.
B. I couldn’t accept his offer because he was turned down.
C. I couldn’t accept his offer, so I turned it down.
D. I couldn’t accept his offer whether I was turned down.
24. Both Ann and her sister look like her mother.
A. take after
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