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SỞ GIÁO DỤC & ĐÀO TẠO Độc lập - Tự do - Hạnh phúc

NGOẠI NGỮ ANH – Khóa ngày 9-3-2008
Thời gian làm bài : 90 phút ( không kể thời gian giao đề )

( Đề gồm 04 trang )


SECTION A : Multiple Choice:Choose the correct option ( A, B, C or D ) which best
fits in each case :

1. It took……3 years…….the mine.
A. they – to discover B. them – to discover
C. them – discovered D. they - discover
2 She hasn’t been able to sleep for several nights. The doctor gives her a……..for each
A. credit card B. sleeping bag
C. new record D. sleeping pill
3. They love living in the countryside because there was a lot of……….there.
A quietness B. noise.
C. excitement D. pollution
4. Mary has to go shopping by bus because she hasn’t got a…………She may not drive a
A. birth certificate B. road accident
C. driving licence D. type-writer
5. In the United States people speak many languages, but the official language is……….
A. French B. American
C. Spanish D. English
6. We are free next Friday. Do you plan to go………..?
A. anywhere B. somewhere
C. nowhere D. everywhere
7. It was……chilly……..children had to stay home last week.
A. very – that B. so – that
C. such – that D. such a - that
8. David wants to have his eyes tested. He goes to the………
A. Casualty Deparment B. dentist’s
C. optician’s D. veterinary surgeon
9. The police asked him where………………the day before .
A. did he go B. he had gone
C. had he gone D. he went
10. Bill hasn’t seen the Great Pyramid in Egypt, Peter……………..
A. hasn’t too B. has too
C. hasn’t either D. has neither
11. Life in the big city is…………than that in the countryside.
A. simpler B. quieter
C. less polluted D. more exciting
12. Mrs.Dawson told her children…………………
A. not to play in snow so long B. to play with sharp knives
C. not stay up late at night D. drink milk instead of coffee
13. Many young people are fed up with…………………………
A. to stay indoors B. to do their homework
C. watch TV every day D. doing their housework

14. The New World…………by Christopher Columbus in 1492.
A. discovered B. has discovered
C. was discovered D. were discovered
15. If you were in London now, ………………..?
A. what would you visit B. what will you visit
C. what you would visit D. what do you visit
16. You can go shopping in a supermarket with your……………..
A. postcards B. boarding cards
C. membership cards D. credit cards
17. She woke up at midnight because she had a…………
A. night watcher B. nightmare
C. night class D. night club
18. Most guests at the party were……..with their jokes.
A. interesting B. terrified
C. amused D. horrifying
19. Travelling by train is usually……….by aeroplane.
A. slower than B. as slow as
C. faster than D. more rapid than
20. That girl is very rich because she is the only………of a millionaire.
A. hair-dresser B. heir
C. headmaster D. heiress

SECTION B : Read the following passage then choose ONE option ( A, B, C or D )
which you think fits best in each case :

No one knows who invented pencils or when it happened. A Swiss described a pencil in a book in 1565. He said it was a piece of wood with lead ( Pb ) inside it.( Lead is a very heavy metal ).
Pencils weren’t popular, and people continued to write with pens. They used bird feather as pens.
Then in 1795, someone started making pencils from graphite and they became very popular.Graphite is a kind of coal.( Coal is black, and we burn it for heat and energy). Today, people make pencils in the same way.They grind the graphite, make it into the shape of a stick, and bake it. Then they put it inside a piece of wood. One pencil can write 50,000 English words or make a line 55 kilometers long.
People wrote with feather pens and then used pens with metal points. They had to dip the point into ink after every few letters. Next someone invented a fountain pen that could hold ink inside it. A fountain pen can write several pages before you have to fill it again.
Two Hungarian brothers, Ladislao and Georg Biro, invented the ballpoint pen that we all use today. They left Hungary and started making ballpoint pens in England in 1943 during World War II. English pilots liked them. They couldn’t write with fountain pens in airplanes because ink leaked out. Later, a French company called Bic bought the Biro’s company.
Someone calls ballpoint pen a bic. Australian call them biros. Whatever we call them, we use them everyday.

21. Pencils were invented:
A. in 1565 B. by a Swiss
C. by someone whom we don’t know D. both A and B are correct
22. At first, pencils were invented:
A. with graphite inside B. with lead inside
C. with a kind of black coal inside D. with wood inside
23. The kinds of popular pencils we are using today:
A. have been made since 1795 B. are pieces of wood with sticks of
C. are used to write English words graphite inside
D. both A and B are correct
24. With a fountain pen, we:
A. have to dip its point into ink after a few letters.
B. have to fill its ink again after writing several pages.
C. can write some pages in an airplane.
D. All are wrong
25. Ballpoint pens were invented:
A. in Hungary by two Hungarians B. in England by two Hungarians
C. in France by Bic’s company D. in Australia by Biro’s company


SECTION A: Fill in each of the numbered blanks in the following passage with ONE
word chosen from the list below :

A. bank B. carrying C. time D. surgeons
E. alarm F. police G. mask H. park
I. cashier J. was K. save L. sat
M. dance N. robbery O. invited P. arrested
Q. floor R. singer S. entered T. shot

There was a bank... ( 26 )…in central London yesterday. Just before closing…( 27 )… yesterday, a man…( 28 )…the Butcher Street Branch of the National Westminster Bank. He was…( 29 )…a shotgun, and wearing a stocking…( 30 )…over his head. There were only a few customers in the…( 31 )…at the time. He made them lie on the…( 32 )…, and forced the
…( 33 )…to put the money in a sack. As he…( 34 )…leaving, the security guard tried to ring the…( 35 )….The robber…( 36 )…him and the guard is now in St Patrick’s Hospital….( 37 )...
are trying to…( 38 )…his life. Last night the police…( 39 )…a man in South London. He is now helping the…( 40 )…with their enquiries.

SECTION B : Guided Sentence Building
Use the following sets of words and phrases to write complete sentences :

41. Janet / studied / Vietna
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