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Ngày gửi: 21h:46' 08-03-2021
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THCS …………………
Name: …………………………………….
Class: …………………………………….

MÔN :English 8
Thời gian :45 phút
Năm học : 2020 -2021
( Chương trình thí điểm )

Code of paper

Question I: Listen to the conversation between Nick and Phong .Decide the statements are true ( T) or false ( F) ? (1.0 point)
1. Nick is at national summer camp.
2. He has made many friends from English speaking countries.
3. He can`t practice English with native speakers.
4. He comes back home on July 15th.
Question II: Listen and choose the right answer A, B , or C.(1,0 point)
1.The first thing you see in Puzzling World is ________________.
A. Lake Wanaka B. the Learning Tower C. the spacious café
2.The illusion Room offers you ________________.
A.the picture of a learning tower
B. a collection of puzzles and games
C. a collection of 3-D holograms
3.Lake Wanaka is called ________________.
A. a natural attraction B. a natural paradise C. a beauty spot
4.At Lake Wanaka you can ________________.
A. bike and walk B. drive C. climb a mountain
Question III. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined. (0.5 points)
1. A. wanted B. naked C. danced D. needed
2. A. who B. when C. where D. what
Question IV. Find the word which has different stress pattern from the others. (0.5 points)
1. A. artistic B. historic C. dramatic D. scientific
2.A. medical B. hospital C. politic D. electric
Question V. Choose the best answer. (A,B, C or D ). ( 1.5 points)
1. Mi and Nick like ______________ back Mi’s home village on holiday.
A. comes B. come C. came D. coming
2. If the factory ________________ dumping poison into the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals will die.
A. continues B. to continue C. continued D. will continue
3.Water ________________ in the lake has made the fish die.
A. pollution B. pollute C. polluted D. polluting
4.If the air wasn’t dirty, I ________________ so much.
A. wouldn’t sneeze B. sneeze C. would sneeze D. to sneeze
5. If the factory continues dumping poison into the lake, all the fish and other aquatic animals ________________.
A. die B. to died C. dead D. will die
6. Water pollution is the ________________ in the lake has made the fish die.
A. contaminating B. contaminate C. contaminated D. contamination
Question VI. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.( 1.5 points)
1.The Statue of Liberty in New York is a monument which (symbolize) __________ freedom.
2.There are about 750 million English speakers in the world, and this number ( increase) __________________fast.
3. Factories (not dump) _____________waste into rivers if the government fines them heavily.
4. The kangaroo (become) _____________ a symbol of Australia since 1973.
5.If there were more trees in this area, the air ( be) _____________ fresher.
6.The earthquake occurred at midday when they (have) _____________lunch.
Question VII. Read the passage and do the tasks that follow.( 1.0 point)
Alaska is perhaps the most amazing state in the USA. It has coastlines facing both the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. This state has an incredible three million lakes. That’s four lakes per person living there.
Many cities in Alaska cannot be reached by road, sea, or river. The only way to get in and out is by air, on foot, or by dogsled. That’s why Alaska has the busiest sea airport in the world, Lake Hood Seaplane Base. Nearly two hundred floatplanes take off and land on the water of this airport every day. It is a really fun scene to watch.
Alaska is called the land of Midnight Sun because in summer, the sun does not set for nearly three months. But in winter the sun stays almost unseen.
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