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Full name:……………………………
I. Find the word which has different sound in the part underlined.(1pt)
1. A. wanted B. washed C. danced D. played
2. A. beds B. dogs C. porters D. books
3. A. pictures B. watches C. buses D. brushes
4. A. homework B. mother C. open D. judo
II.Choose the word which has a different stress patter from the others(1pt)
1. A. festival B. resource C. station D. history
2. A. comparison B. organization C. communication D. socialization
3.A. worship B. belong C. enjoy D. behave
4.A. minorities B. populated C. activity. D. experience
I.Choose the correct option for each gap to complete the sentences.(2pts)
You should ____________ information about a custom or tradition.
A. finds B. found C. finding D. find
A custom is something that has become an ____________ way of doing things.
A. to be accept
B. to accept
C. accepting
D. accepted

 In the UK, there are lots of customs for table manners. For example, We ____________ use a knife and fork at dinner.
A. have to B. are having C. has to D. having to
In Viet Nam, you____________ use only the first name to address people older than you.
A. should B. must C. shouldn’t D. have to
At the Mid-Autumn Festival ,kids can sing, dance, and enjoy moon-cakes ; _________, every child likes it very much.
A. However B. Moreover C. Because D. Therefore
In 2010, Ha Noi____________ its 1000th anniversary.
A. celebrated B. commemorated C. worshipped D. remembered
Tet is an occasion for family____________ in Viet Nam.
A. visitings B. Meeting C. reunions D. seeings
____________ spring comes, many Vietnamese villages prepare for a new festival season.
A. While B. When C. Nevertheless D. However
II.Use the correct tense and form of the verbs to complete the sentences.(1.5pts)
1.Peter (play)_____________ football yesterday.
2.John dislikes (work)__________in front of a computer all day.
3.I’d like (visit)__________the Viet Nam Museum of Ethnology this weekend.
4.I’d rather (make)__________crafts than listen to music.
5.Minh loves (help)__________her parents with DIY projects.
6.We all adored (do)__________aerobics when we were young.
C. READING: (3pts)
I. Read the passage and choose the correct answers for the questions (1.5 pts )

Le Mat Snake Festival

 Over the years, Le Mat Village in Long Bien District, Hanoi has been famous nationwide for not only snake catching and breeding, but also its unique festival. The festival is annually held on March 20-24 of the lunar calendar to worship the village’s tutelary god of the Hoang Family.
Legend told that one day while the daughter of King Ly Thai Tong (1072-1127) was boating with her maids on the Duong River, a big snake, which was considered a water monster, overturned the boat and caught the princess. The crew could do nothing to protect the princess. But a young man in the Hoang Family from Le Mat Village dove into the water, fought against the monster and, in the end, succeeded in killing it and saving the princess. King Ly Thai Tong was deeply impressed by the young man’s feat and gave him a reward in gold and court titles. But the hero graciously rejected the reward and, instead, requested the King to allow him and a number of poor people to reclaim land in the areas west of the capital in Thang Long. When the man passed away, the locals honored him as the village’s tutelary god and every year organize a festival to commemorate him.
Le Mat Village Festival consists of many unique rituals and folk activities, such as the water offering ceremony, the snake-killing dance , one of the ten ancient dances in the imperial capital of Thang Long and the ritual of catching carp in the village well. With many ancient cultural features, Le Mat Village Festival is one of the unique festivals in our country, attracting a large number of tourists
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