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Người gửi: Huỳnh Văn Dũng (trang riêng)
Ngày gửi: 10h:31' 12-12-2018
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Số lượt tải: 1401
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Name: ……………………………. 4 ĐỀ ÔN TẬP TIẾNG ANH 8 HỌC KỲ I
A. LISTENING: Listen and complete the passage. (1p)
I live in a (1)………………. village. My parents often tell me stories about their life in the past. It’s not much like the village I can see nowadays.
Some villagers now live in brick houses instead of (2)………………. ones. Our houses are better equipped with electric fans and TVs. Thanks to the TV, we now know more about life outside our village. We don’t use oil lamps any more. We have (3)………………. lights which are much brighter. More villagers are using (4)………………. for transport instead of riding a horse or walking. We – village children - no longer have to walk a long way and cross a stream to get to school, which is dangerous in the rainy season. Now there’s a new school nearby. We also have more (5)………………. from the city. They come to experience our way of life.
I. Pronunciation: (1p)
Choose the word which has a different sound in the part underlined. (0,5p)
1. A. camel B. buffalo C. cattle D. paddy
2. A. lived B. populated C. harvested D. loaded
Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from the others. (0,5p)
3. A. ancestor B. curious C. heritage D. tradition
4. A. buffalo B. recognize C. convenient D. cultural
II. Choose A, B, C, D for each gap in the following sentences. (2ps)
1. My mother enjoys_________ traditional food for our family, especially on Tet holiday.
A. cook B. to cook C. cooking D. cooked
2. My father sometimes goes ____________ in the forests. He’d like to find some more food for our family.
A. hunt B. hunting C. to hunt D. hunted
3. Look! Some children are ____________the buffaloes.
A. picking B. herding C. driving D. playing
4. The sky is _______here in the countryside because there are no buildings to block the view.
A. tidy B. close C. dense D. vast
5. Is living in the city _________ than living in the country?
A. more convenient B. as convenient C. most convenient D. so convenient
6. He is surprised __________that there are 54 ethnic groups in our country.
A. to understand B. to study C. to know D. find
7. The Viet (or Kinh) have______ number of people, account for about 86% of the population.
A. large B. the large C. larger D. the largest
8. ________ ethnic group has a larger population, the Tay or the Ede?
A. What B. Which C. Why D. Who
C. READING: (3ps)
I. Read the following passage and choose the correct answer for each gap. (2,5ps)
I go on the Internet every day, but I’ve never (1) __________ more than an hour at a time online. I’ve got laptop and also a smartphone, so I can (2)___________ the Internet anywhere. Today, for instance, I’ve been (3) ____________ three times. Mainly I just (4) ____________ my friends. I read online magazines and I look (5) __________ information, too. I also compare prices of things, (6) ___________ I’ve never bought anything online because I don’t think it’s safe. I’m not an Internet addict, but some of my friends (7) ___________. One friend of mine always looks (8) ___________ because he spends all night online. Although he’s got a lot of bad marks for the exams, he hasn’t (9) ___________ his habits.
In my experience, it’s very useful for people who use the Internet (10) ____________.
A. spend
B. spending
C. spent

A. have
B. use
C. play

A. online
B. Internet
C. computer

A. write
B. email
C. send

A. at
B. in
C. for

A. because
B. but
C. although

A. is
B. were
C. are

A. tired
B. hard
C. happily

A. change
B. to
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