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Đề bài
Listen to the conversation and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.
Are the sentences true or false?
Band auditions
Question 1. The boy wants to be in the band.
Question 2. He doesn`t like singing.
Question 3. He can`t remember the song on the guitar.
Question 4. The boy is good at the drums.
Question 5. The girl says she will call him the next day.
Listen to the radio interview about boy bands and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.
Choose the correct option to complete the sentences.
Boy bands
Question 6. The most important thing for boy bands in the past was that _________
A. they had some musical ability
B. they could dance well
C. they had different personalities
Question 7. Things have changed because ________
A. people wanted something different
B. the media and new technology influence things differently
C. both of the above
Question 8. Starting on a reality show like X Factor is great for a band because _________
A. appearing on TV is the quickest way to get famous
B. the many viewers who vote every week become loyal fans
C. people feel a personal connection with bands they see on TV
Question 9. The words to One Direction songs are designed to _______
A. make teenage girls feel good about themselves
B. appeal to mums by being a bit cheeky
C. communicate universal messages about love
Question 10. One Direction`s clothes _________
A. are very individual and they each have a strong look
B. create a clean-cut, safe and non-threatening image
D. are casual and fashionable with a touch of rebelliousness
Choose the word which has the underlined part pronounced differently from the rest.
Question 11.
A. lung                        B. nurture
C. muscle                    D. brush
Question 12.
A. different                  B. critical
C. intestine                  D. dining table
Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.
Question 13.
A. nervous                     B. prevent
C. healthy                      D. system
Question 14.
A. grocery                     B. memory
C. incredible                  D. balance
Choose A, B, C, or D that best completes each unfinished sentence.
Question 15. People tend to live in…………family which consist of parents and children.
A. blended                   B. nuclear 
C. extended                  D. single-parent
Question 16. “Who……………..?” “…………………to get through to Misaki”
A. do you phone/ I’m trying
B. are you phoning/ I’m trying
C. are you phoning/ I try
D. do you phone/ / I try
Question 17. I ……………….one of my special desserts for dinner, if you like.
A. make                      B. am going to make
C. will make                 D. am making
Question 18. The next train to Dublin …………. at 4:45. ( station announcement)
A. will leave                            B. is leaving
C. is going to to leave             D. leaves
Question 19. Mark is _________ with the volunteer work in this charity organization. He is not very ________ about getting a paid job next time.
A. disappointed/ hopeful
B. disappointed/ hopeless
C. disappointing/ hopefulness 
D. disappointing/ hopes
Question 20. It is__________that controls all the organs in the body.
A. heart                                  B. brain
C. spine                                  D. nerves
Question 21. __________takes place when the female provides the main source of  income for the family
A. Breadwinner Mom 
B. Breadwinner Dad
C. Breadwinner
D. Breadwinner male
Question 22.  The ____________system is to process the nutrients absorbed from the small intestine.
A. Respiratory                         B. Circulatory
C. Digestive                            D. Skeletal
Question 23. Students should have their eyes ____________ regularly.
A. tested                                 B. to test
C. test                                     D. testing
Error identification.
Question 24. Roles (A) in homemaking (B) and breadwinning can share (C) by family members (D).
Question 25. It didn’t take (A) her much (B) time to do (C) the laundry because (D) she has a washing machine.
Question 26. I shall contact (A) you as soon as (B) they will phone  (C) me (D).
Question 27. Our (A) new neighbour (B) is (C) a bored (D) man.
Read the passage and choose the best answer:
It isn`t amazing how much time we spend talking about food? "Have you ever eaten ...?", "What do you have for lunch?" and so on. And yet, when you travel from one county to another, you
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