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Đề bài
Listen to the radio interview about improving your memory and do the exercises to practise and improve your listening skills.
Are the following True or False?
How to improve your memory
Question 1. We all use memory in the same way.
Question 2. We learn to use our memory as soon as we are born.
Question 3. There are two different forms of memorisation.
Question 4. We are taught how to improve our memory in history lessons.
Question 5. Writing shopping lists can improve your memory.
Question 6. Teaching helps us to memorise.
Question 7. We can train our brains to be more effective.
Question 8. We can only use one image at a time as an aid to memorisation.
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
Question 9.
A. psychologist               B. duty
C. laundry                       D. grocery
Question 10.
A. Smartphone              B. fastener
C. portable                    D. costly
Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.
Question 11.
A. contribution                 B. disadvantaged
C. announcement            D. individual
Question 12.
A. incredible                 B. advertisement
C. successful                D. audience
Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.
Question 13. While Tom …………… English to poor children in Phnom Penh last year, he ……………… a lot about Cambodian culture.
A. is teaching – knows
C. taught – was knowing
B. was teaching – knew
D. was teaching – was knowing
Question 14. My passion for volunteering to help children ………………… during my middle school years while I ……………. for the summer community service.
A. begin – work
C. began- was working
B. have begun – have worked
D. was beginning – was working
Question 15. Volunteers ……………… games and ………………. activities with disadvantaged children while they ……………. for the center.
A. played – had – worked
C. were having – having – were working
B. have played – playing – are working
D. played – had- were working
Question 16. The father typically works outside the home while the mother is .......... domestic duties such as homemaking and raising children.
A. suitable for                         B. capable of
C. responsible for                    D. aware of
Question 17. I really need some urgent methods to …….. some bad habits.
A. kick                                   B. remember
C. give on                               D. get rid
Question 18. My grandmother feels uncomfortable today. I guess it…….rain tomorrow.
A. is going to                          B. should
C. will                                     D. be able to
Question 19. She often ……a big breakfast but today she……only a glass of milk.
A. has/ is having
B. was having/ had
C. had/has
D. had had/ is having
Question 20. Food is broken down and converted into energy in the ……. system.
A. brain                                   B. heart
C. digestive                             D. skeletal
Question 21. My husband and I both go out to work so we share the …….
A. happiness
B. household chores
C. responsibility
D. employment
Question 22. The baby .......... Don’t make so much noise.     A. sleep                                   B. sleeps
C. is sleeping                           D. slept
Question 23. If you breathe in deeply, your.........can expand to twice their normal size
A. lung                                    B. heart
C. stomach                              D. skull
Question 24. It’s another name for the backbone. It is.......
A. leg                                      B. spine
C. brain                                   D. pump
Question 25. The teen singer is old enough……………………up his own mind.
A. make                                   B. to make
C. making                               D. made
Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.
The Fitbit Flex is a mobile device aimed at planning your exercise, diet, and sleep. It’s very easy to wear it all the time. It is very light and comfortable, and it looks casual and natural on your wrist. When I need to wear a watch, I have one that sits (26)...............the Flex quite easily. You can get different Fitbit Flex wristbands. Reasaonably priced, with dozens of fun colors!
I was pleasantly surprised to learn how many steps I walk during my normal working day. I actually find ways to fit in even more activities (27)..................., so I can watch the numbers go up. It’s water – resistant, so I can wear it in the shower or in the rain without worrying about keeping it dry. The Fitbit synchronizes with my smartphone via Bluetooth.
Tracking food items (28) possible for the Dashboard to display a calorie budget for you, comparing calories consumed versus calories
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