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Đề bài
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others.
Question 1.
A. breadwinner               B. heavy 
C. break                          D. instead
Question 2.
A. donation                     B. charity
C. attachment                 D. character
Question 3.
A. overspent                    B. achievement
C. environment                D. movement
Choose the word whose stress is placed differently from that of the others.
Question 4.
A. excited                       B. irregular 
C. attachment                 D. charity
Question 5.
A. Interact                       B. understand
C. volunteer                     D. contribute
Question 6.
A. priority                       B. ability
C. community                 D. voluntary.
Choose the best option to complete the following sentences.
Question 7. This system of the body lets us breathe in oxygen with our _______ and breathe out carbon dioxide.
A. heart                         B. lungs
C. brain                         D. intestine
Question 8. This system of the body is _______ up of our bones.
A. made                        B. taken
C. done                         D. got
Question 9. Last night my favorite program________________ by a special news bulletin.
A. interrupted                 B. was interrupted
C. were interrupted         D. is interrupted
Question 10. _____ is the controller of the body. Led by the brain and nerves, it allows us to move, talk and feel emotions.
A. Circulatory system
B. Digestive system     
C. Nervous system
D. Skeletal system
Question 11. I often ______ at the market near her house.
A. clean the house
B. shop for grocery
C. do the cooking
D. feed the cat
Question 12. “Suoi Mo”, the debut album by Trinh Cong Son, is sweet and gentle.
A. first                      B. second
C. third                     D. new
Question 13. Last year, my class _______ to teach the children in a remote area.
A. volunteer               B. voluntary
C. volunteered           D. volunteers
Question 14. “ Where’s Tony?” “ He …………….to the travel agent’s, and he hasn’t come back.”
A. has been                B. has been going
C. has gone                D. had gone
Question 15. We think they …………….all that is necessary.
A. have done              B. doing
C. had done                D. would do
Question 16. I’d like to see that football match because I …………….one this year.
A. don’t see                 B. can’t see
C. hardly see               D. haven’t seen
Question 17. I can’t believe that you …………….all the exercises. You just started five minutes ago.
A. have finished
B. have been finishing
C. finished
D. are finishing
Question 18. Up to now, the discount …………… children under ten years old.
A. has only applied 
B. only applies
C. was only applied
D. only applied
Question 19. Tom often watches TV after his parents ………… bed.
A. had gone              B. have gone
C. go                        D. went
Question 20. Their children …………….lots of new friends since they …………. to that town.
A. have made/ moved
B. were making/ have moved            
C. made/ are moving
D. made/ have been moving
Question 21. - Jenny: “Thank you very much for your donation, Mr. Robinson.” 
- Mr. Robinson: “____________”
A. Delighted I was able to help
B. I see.
C. You are right
D. You can say that again.
Question 22. - Anne: “ Make yourself at home”
- John: “ ____________”
A. Thanks! Same to you
B. That’s very kind. Thank you
C. Not at all. Don’t mention it
D. Yes, Can I help you?
Choose the word or phrase among A, B, C or D that best fits the blank space in the following passage.
The Buddha of the Poor
More than 26,000 children now have bright (23)…………………..faces after receiving free operations. About 173,000 poor people received free treatment to regain their vision, and nearly 3,400 deaf children were given hearing aids. These are part of the (24)………………………..of the Ho Chi Minh Association for Support of Poor Patients, launched and run by Mr. Nguyen Vinh Nghiep. Mr Nghiep, the former Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, retired in 1992, and (25)……………………his Association two years later. Together with his former colleagues, Mr Nghiep has (26)……………………… billions of VND from individual (27)……………….and organizations to support more than a million poor people nationwide through seven major (28)………………….programmes, such as “ For the children’s smile”, “Bringing light to poor blind people from birth”., “ Sound and Vouce
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