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Đề bài
Choose one word (A, B, C or D) whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest.
Question 1.
A. solar charger               B. volunteer
C. advertisement              D. community
Question 2.
A. meaningful                 B. obvious 
C. fortunate                    D. important
Question 3.
A. lighthouse                   B. Greenhouse
C. White house                D. light house
Question 4.
A. fabric                          B. laptop
C. computer                    D. tallboy
Question 5.
A. portable                      B. expensive
C. washing machine       D. seahorse     
Choose the best answer to the following senttences.
Question 6. The handicapped are in need of help from the community.
A. wicked                              B. disabled
C. sacred                               D. beloved
Question 7. How do volunteers help disadvantaged and handicapped children______ their difficulties?
A. to get                                 B. to know
C. to overcome                       D. to pass
Question 8. “You have broken my window” the old woman said to the boy.
The old woman__________ the boy of breaking her window.
A. accused                              B. dreamed
C. denied                                D. admitted
Question 9. A bank has promised a donation of $24 million toward the disaster fund.
A. connection                         B. addition
C. contribution                        D. provision 
Question 10. It was 7 p.m, and my mother_________ in the field.
A. worked
B. was working
C. has been working
D. had worked
Question 11. Nelson Mandela became _________ in politics and was forced to leave his first university.
A. interested                         B. interesting
C. interestingly                      D. interestedly
Question 12. He hesitated __________ his mind about when they should leave for the United Kingdom
A. making up                     B. to make up
C. of making up                 D. for making up
Question 13. Her father died after he had brought up all of his children.
A. was in the dust
B. was out of this world     
C. was the apple of her eyes
D. called it a day
Question 14. Don`t interrupt anyone while they are talking.
A. get through                    B. break in
C. look up to                       D. catch up with
Question 15. Nowadays, ________ English is very essential.
A. learning                              B. learnt
C. learn                                   D. learner
Question 16. More tourists ________ to this country unless it _________ a better climate.
A. would come/ had
B. wouldn’t come/ had
C. wouldn’t come/ didn’t have
D. would come/ didn’t have
Question 17. Mark is _________ with the volunteer work in this charity organization. He is not very ___________ about getting a paid job next time.
A. disappointed/ hopeful
B. disappointed/ hopeless
C. disappointing/ hopefulness
D. disappointing/ hopes
Question 18. My daughter is not old enough____________ a driving lisence.
A. to get                     B. for getting
C. to getting                D. of getting
Read the text and choose suitable words ro fill the gaps.
The Ig Nobel Prize is a copy of the (19)______ Nobel Prize. It is given to achievements and inventions that first make people laugh, then make them think. Its purpose is to (20)______ the unusual and imaginative achievenments, mostly in science, medicine, and technology. Contrary to people`s common belief that the prize are given to (21)______ works, the prize winners findings need to be based on (22)______ research. Every year, a (23)______ is held at Harvard University, and ten prize made of tinfoil are awarded to the winners, who have to pay for their own accommodations and transport to Cambridge.
Question 19.
A. popular                   B. famous
C. best                         D. invaluable
Question 20.
A. celebrate                   B. organise
C. welcome                    D. evaluate
Question 21.
A. well-known              B. unimportant
C. important                 D. cheap
Question 22.
A. common                   B. inexpensive
C. serious                     D. important
Question 23.
A. ceremony                  B. meeting
C. party                          D. festival
Read the following passage and choose the correct answer to each question.
The United Nations has proclaimed December 1st as World AIDS Day, December 3rd International Day of Disabled Persons, and December 5th as the International Volunteer Day. For the last few years, in early December, organizations that involve disabled people and various agencies have organized meetings and exchange programmes to mark the three days in Vietnam.
This year UN agencies, the Hanoi Disabled People’s Association and similar organizations will hold an exchange programme called “For the Love of Life” on December 3rd at Thong Nhat park in Hanoi. The event is also in line with the UN General Assembly’s upcoming approval of the “Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
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