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(Tài liệu chưa được thẩm định)
Người gửi: Dương Ninh
Ngày gửi: 09h:15' 26-12-2018
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Số lượt tải: 794
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Name: ……………………………ĐỀ KIỂM TRA CHẤT LƯỢNG HỌC KỲ I. NO 3
Class: 6/…… MÔN TIẾNG ANH 6
I. Listen to the talk about the festivals and choose the best answer to each question.
Festival 1
What is the name of the festival?
Mid-Autumn b. Carnival c. Halloween d. Christmas
What do people do in the festival?
Wear colourful costumes b. Draw on their bodies
c. Wear T-shirts d. Make colourful lanterns
Which country is famous for this festival?
Brazil b. France c. Spain d. Japan
Festival 2
Where is the festival?
In Brazil b. In France c. In Thailand d. In Spain
What do people throw in the festival?
Potatoes b. Vegetables c. Tomatoes d. Fruit
II. Listen to the conversation between a travel agent and a tourist and fill in the blanks

Tour booking

Name of tourist:
(6) …………….. ………………

(7) ………………………………..

(8) …………….., Pasteur street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

Gather at:
(9) ………………………………..

Leave at:
(10) ………………………………..

I. Read the passage and choose A, B, C or D to complete the sentences (1m)
The Robinsons (1)………….. visiting Ha Long Bay this year. It’s one of the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World with many limestone (2)…………... The weather is sunny. They are staying in a hotel near the seaside. She is going to swim (3)……………. In the afternoon, after swimming, she’s going to build sand palace on the beach. In the evening, It’s time for (4)………….. She’s traveling on foot along the street (5)……… her mother.
1. A. are B. go C. intending D. going
2. A. hills B. islands C. mountains D. beaches
3. A. day B. some day C. early morning D. in the morning
4. A. cycling B. walking C. driving D. flying
5. A. to B. at C. between D. with

II. Read the text and answer the questions (1m)
One of the biggest holidays in the world is Christmas. This holiday, which is on December 25th, is celebrated around the world. This is the day when Jesus Christ was born. Before Christmas, people do a lot of shopping to decorate their houses. Every family has their own Christmas tree with colorful lights and a star on top of the tree. Each member in the family buys a present and puts it under the Christmas tree. After having Christmas dinner, family members sit together and give presents to each other. Another special thing about Christmas is Santa Claus. He is a man with white beard going around the world and giving presents to all children at midnight. These presents help children to be good in the next year so that Santa Claus will come back with his presents next Christmas.
6. When is Christmas Day?_________________________________________________________
7. What do people do before Christmas? ______________________________________________
8. What does each member in the family do? ___________________________________________
9. What is another special thing about Christmas? _______________________________________
10. What does Santa Claus do at midnight? ____________________________________________
My father always takes my family to Han river to watch ___________ on New Year’s Eve.
movies b. flowers c. fireworks d. memorials
To draw a circle, you should use a _____________.
compass b. calculator c. dictionary d. pencil case
Hung is a(n) ___________ boy. He loves outdoor activities.
patient b. shy c. hard-working d. active
My art teacher has a(n) _____________ where she displays her paintings to the public.
museum b. art gallery c. movie d. cathedral
They are healthy. They _____________ judo every day.
study b. play c. do d. watch
Look! The girls ____________ rope in the playground.
skip b. skips c. is skipping d. are skipping
Life in the city is _______________ than life in the countryside.
exciting b. more exciting c. excitinger d. most exciting
The Sahara is the world’s ____________ desert.
hotter b. hottest c. hot d. hotest
Jane ______________ from Britain.
coming b
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